Husband in critical condition with Kovid; The woman wants a baby; Superior Court Permit for Artificial Insemination


  • Husband hospitalized in critical condition
  • The woman wants her husband’s baby.
  • Superior Court Permit for Artificial Insemination

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat High Court has allowed the collection of samples for IVF treatment from a critically ill patient suffering from Kovid. The Vadodara hospital was run by the court following a petition filed by the wife in search of her husband’s baby.

The National Court issued a verdict yesterday after hearing allegations about the extraordinary state of exception. The petition filed by the wife of victim Kovid was heard by Judge Ashutosh J Shastri. The hospital has been instructed to collect samples for artificial insemination and maintain them properly.

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The woman told hospital officials that she had to get pregnant through IVF from her husband, who was being treated for a serious illness, but the response was that permission could be granted if there was a court order. Attorney Nilay Patel said he had approached court citing the matter. The woman approached the court seeking an urgent hearing.

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Doctors said the woman’s husband had little chance of escape. It was in this context that the court considered the case urgently. The court issued a notice to the state government and the hospital director seeking an answer. He was asked to respond before July 23.

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