Hyab put ‘veil’ on Bollywood too, Javed, Shabana, Sonam, Swara on one side, Kangana on the other!

unemployment hit. Famine. Gasoline-Diesel. COVID-19 pandemic. Death of loved ones due to epidemic. Bad medical system. Poor educational system. Law. Ignoring women’s security work, the saffron gown has become in opposition to ‘hijab’ and hijab. It is not surprising that the ‘hijab’ has become a problem because we, as citizens, have changed our priorities for some time now. Keep in mind that when the goal is not change but revolution, then a person needs some trouble to stay on trend. Hijab is part of this. Hijab is being talked about and so many things have happened that it has come a long way. In such a situation, where Bollywood and celebrities were also going to be left behind, Bollywood also ran on the ‘hijab’ issue and caught the flying arrow. As for Bollywood’s stance on the hijab issue, it is clear that the industry is divided into two sections. Where the people who stand on one side of the screen call it a violation of Muslim rights, while those who stand on the other side take aim at Muslims, their fundamentalist thinking and dogma.

At a time when the Pro Hijab and Anti Hijab debate is raging and there is a lot of panic in the mainstream media and on social media. Let’s take a look at Bollywood and see how Bollywood has taken the whole debate to the ‘next level’ by speaking their minds about the hijab debate.

There are two types of views in Bollywood regarding the ongoing controversy in Karnataka.

The hijab controversy that started in Karnataka has now knocked on the doors of Bollywood, just like Sonam Kapoor’s Shri Ganesha. Sonam is targeted by right-wing trolls for his outspoken opinion on the hijab issue. Yes, why not? The kind of comparison he has made is really strange.

We report that Sonam Kapoor has recently reacted on the Karnataka Hijab controversy on social media. Sonam Kapoor has asked when questioning that if the turban can be there, why can’t the hijab be an option?

Note that the Karnataka government’s ban on hijab in schools and colleges has caused a huge uproar and protests in the state. The state government has invoked section 133(2) of the Karnataka Education Act, 1983, which states that a uniform style of dress must be worn.

Sonam Kapoor took to her Instagram stories and shared a post on social media. It contained an image of a man wearing a turban and a woman wearing a hijab, and questions why a turban might be an option but a hijab might not.

Hijab, Karnataka, Dispute, Muslim, Bollywood, Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi, Swara BhaskarSonam Kapoor’s Instagram story that has become controversial

Actually, Sonam has shared a social media post on her Instagram story. There is an image in the post of a man tying a turban while a woman is wearing a hijab, and on this Sonam has raised the question that when a turban can be an option, why not a hijab?

Bollywood has been mentioned in the Hijab controversy. At the same time, we have also said that Bollywood is divided into two classes in view of hijab, in such a situation we should also turn to Javed Akhtar. Javed Akhtar recently tweeted about the hijab issue. Javed Akhtar’s style in the tweet was once felt that he is very angry at those people who shake pots of saffron in protest against hijab.

Significantly, Javed Akhtar has condemned the mistreatment of women by protesters in Karnataka. Javed tweeted and wrote: ‘I have never been in favor of hijab or burqa. I still hold on to that, but at the same time I have nothing but deep contempt for these hordes of bullies trying to bully a small group of girls and that too without success. , Is this your ‘manhood’? what a pity.

This is what happened to Javed Akhtar. Kamal Haasan also expressed his position on the current hijab controversy in Karnataka. In reaction to the affair, politician and actor Kamal Haasan tweeted that what is happening in Karnataka is causing unrest. A wall of religious poison is being built among students who do not lie.

At the same time, he has also said that this dispute should not reach Tamil Nadu under any circumstances. Kamal Haasan believes that the time has come for progressive forces to be more careful.

Bollywood may or may not give his opinion on all other topics but on every social issue actor Swara Bhaskar speaks in a very vocal way. Swara is also not silent on the subject of hijab and is constantly active on Twitter. The interesting thing in Swara’s case is that she has a thirty-six figure from the right wing.

Like Swara, actor Richa Chadha is one of those people who come and strike their front foot in protest against the government and policies. Expressing her anger at the ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka, Richa tweeted: “Hijab raise your children better! A bunch of ugly cowards organize and attack a single woman and feel proud of her?

Richa called them losers and called their actions shameful. Richa believes that there is no sympathy for those people. At the same time, Richa has made another tweet after this one and has also done some remarkable things.

So it has become the talk of those people in the industry who were pro-hijab. Or he was bluntly expressing his opinion about those who support hijab. There are people in the industry who consider the hijab to be wrong and consider it a symbol of slavery and the Patriarch. Actor Kangana Ranaut is one of those people. Kangana Ranaut said that if you want to show courage, show it by wearing a burqa in Afghanistan.

Known for her impeccable opinion on all topics, Kangana has weaponized Instagram to present her point of view on the hijab issue. Kangana Ranaut shared a post on her Instagram story and wrote, “If you have to show courage, don’t wear a burqa in Afghanistan.” Learn to be independent and not tie yourself down.

Hijab, Karnataka, Dispute, Muslim, Bollywood, Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi, Swara BhaskarActor Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram story is also making a lot of headlines in the Hijab case.

Even before Kangana could write anything else, actor Shabana Azmi took aim at Kangana. It is a theocratic state, but when I last checked, India was a secular and democratic republic.

However, at a time when the hijab decision is safe in court, the politics on the matter continue unabated. As the rest of the atmosphere has been created, either the court’s decision is in favor of hijab or there is the possibility of an uproar in the opposition. Since the matter happened on the Bollywood stage, then, whether it is Bollywood hijab supporters or opponents such as its supporters, these people and their words will work to set the fire on fire.

In general, the people of the country will receive flowers in entertainment for the next few days in view of the hijab controversy.

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