‘I am not working in Bollywood so people thought I am not alive’, fans remember Harish Patel

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  • Harish Patel was seen in the trailer of Hollywood film ‘Eternal’ and once again he came into the limelight.
  • Harish Patel made his debut as Hibu Hatela in the 1998 film Gunda
  • Harish Patel, who is doing theater shows in UK, has worked in many TV shows there.

London: Well-known artist of Indian entertainment world Harish Patel has once again come into the limelight. Harish Patel has long left India and settled in the UK, which has isolated him from the world of Bollywood films and TV. Because of this, many believed that they did not live in this world.

Veteran actor Harish Patel said in an interview, “As soon as people saw the trailer of my film ‘Eternal’, discussions started about me. Suddenly I came in the public eye. Earlier people used to believe that I was not alive. The artist also said that till now I was thinking that people will come to me and ask why not, Harish Patel is alive or dead by searching in Google. Because I am not working here, in public’s eyes Due to not being there, people started saying that I am not alive.

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Harish Patel made his debut as Hibu Hatela in the 1998 film Gunda. Harish Patel is currently living in the UK, which he says is where I met my first love, which is theatre. My play Rafta Rafta became very popular at the Royal National Theater here. Then I became a part of the Annette TV show here.

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During his interview, Harish Patel said shockingly that people have started searching for me after seeing me in an international project. He said, “After 14 years suddenly people fell in love with me and they came to me and told me why you didn’t tell me earlier.” Regarding his international project, Harish Patel believes that the world is big. How long will you be a frog in the well? People need to change their thinking. Also, the idea that this is not seen in public, so the husband is sitting at home, should be stopped.

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Harish Patel could not attend the premiere of ‘Internals’ due to being Corona positive. However, he is happy with this film that he is working on such a big project.

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