I can not take it anymore; The referee, who was the victim of Shakib’s call, resigned


  • Controversial Bangladeshi referee Monirusaman resigns
  • The referee said that Shakib and Mohammedullah had misbehaved
  • Shakib was banned and fined for misconduct

Dhaka: Shakib Al Hasan and Mohammadullah, two referees from Bangladesh, have resigned in protest. Players faced the referee during the Dhaka Premier League. Monirusaman was the field referee when Shakib got angry. The Mohammedullah controversy erupted when he was a television referee.

Monierzaman said players must learn to respect referees. This is more than tolerable. He is no longer interested in working as a referee. Referees can also make mistakes. But they should not be treated in this way. Never do those things. He made it clear that he wasn’t just working for money.

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Shakib, who was bowling during the Dhaka Twenty20 League cricket match, appealed through the wicket, but the referee would not allow it. After this, Shakib kicked the wicket, pulled the stumps and yelled at the referee. Shakib was suspended for three games in the incident. He was also fined 4 lakh rupees.

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The referee said that the way Shakib Al Hasan treated him was difficult to digest. Mohammadullah was the television goalkeeper in the controversy. The decision was made after careful consideration. However, the behavior of the players is unusual. That is why it was decided not to continue working, ”he said. Monirusaman worked for a private company. The decision is to go back to that job.

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