‘I didn’t like the vehicle and the house I got’: Minister resigns in Bihar, criticizes officials


  • In Bihar, a minister resigned due to lack of facilities.
  • Social Justice Minister Madan Sahni has resigned.
  • The resignation was due to opposition from officials.

Patna: A minister from Bihar has resigned due to lack of facilities. Social Justice Minister and JD (U) leader Madan Sahni submitted his resignation citing various reasons, the ANI news agency reported.

Madan Sahni has resigned from the Bahadurpur constituency. He said he was resigning due to opposition to department officials. I did not like the official vehicle or the residence allowed. Madan Sahni told ANI that he did not want to continue in office because he did not have the best facilities, including vehicles.

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The facilities are so limited that it is not even possible to serve people. When working for the people, there is no positive attitude on the part of the officials. They are not prepared to follow the instructions you give them. Madan Sahni said the ministry was not necessary without the support of officials.

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It was not an unexpected decision. There is a situation in which officials who behave like dictators do not approve of the people’s representatives. They are not willing to obey or obey anyone. Madan Sahni said he did not rush to resign from the ministry at the time.

‘The corruption is as clear as day; The minister should resign and face the investigation ‘

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