If someone says ‘miserable’ then you pretend to be a ‘lioness’, learn a lesson from Vidya Balan …

There are few such actors in Bollywood, who have the power to make the film a success on their own. Actresses are even fewer. So they can be counted on your fingers. In view of the industry, we have to understand that in this male-dominated industry, if a woman takes her place, then it is no small thing. Just look at actor Vidya Balan. It’s only been a few hours since his movie “Lioness” was released on Amazon Prime, but as Vidya’s movie and performance have been received by review critics, they have proven themselves by their performance.

In Vidya’s view, there can be many things like this, but what needs to be talked about is that Vidya’s success has told us that those who try never give up. Even though Vidya is one of the most successful Bollywood actresses today she always got the happiness of success. In the initial phase, Vidya also faced all kinds of challenges. Note that Vidya started her acting career with the popular Zee TV show ‘Hum Paanch’. Also, if we’re talking about succeeding in Bollywood, then Sanjay Dutt and Saif Ali Khan’s leading lady Parineeta will be called the Vidya milestone.

Vidya Balan is one of those actors who always did the role justice.

You may not believe it, but when Vidya Balan started the journey of the five, when he reached Parineeta, there were so many challenges along the way that if there was an ordinary person, he would have stopped his journey in the middle. In the initial phase, there were 1 or 2 projects that Vidya had to lose and it got to the point that she was called a miserable in the industry. This was revealed by himself in an interview.

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Speaking of this, Vidya had said that, I did Hum Paanch in 1996 and Parineeta in 2004. In the eight intervening years, I completed my graduation from St. Xavier and went on to my MBA. I thought that if nothing else, I would study, get a job somewhere. Because my parents used to say that graduation is necessary.

Describing her ordeal, Vidya says that, in the south, I made a film in Malayalam with superstar Mohanlal and director Kaman. They were both very successful and famous. They made eight movies together and I was in the ninth movie. But then there was a rift between them, then he said why the good movie stopped because he was in this movie. He put all the blame on me and said I’m a bastard.

Vidya also recounted how she was fired from other projects after the Mohanlal movie was closed. She said: ‘After that, they phased me out of 12 movies out of 12. Because everyone felt that if there was a problem in their first movie, then maybe this girl shouldn’t be taken away. According to Vidya, she also got some movies in Tamil, but was also fired. Vidya endured all of this for three years, then there came a time in her life when she thought she was miserable.

Not only was the early period bad for Vidya in terms of movies, but during this time she was even kicked out of commercials. As we have said that Vidya is successful, it is very important to say that you have paid full price for this success with your hard work. From Parineeta to the lioness, grab any Vidya movie and check that Vidya doesn’t repeat itself anywhere. No matter how challenging the role was, Vidya not only played it with complete dedication and honesty, but she also gave her life in it.

Although we have many examples to give, we will definitely mention Bhool Bhulaiyaa and Dirty Picture here. Watch these two movies and watch Vidya perform in them. It doesn’t seem like an actor can play two different roles so beautifully. It can be said that taking the challenge as a challenge is the quality of an actor like Vidya.

The quality of improvisation that Vidya has is astonishing, from which other Bollywood actresses should not only take inspiration but also implement it. Has the ability to learn. Whether it is praise or criticism, he himself is the only one who has the right to it. In general, Vidya told the industry, as well as us, that it is not only difficult but impossible to beat the one who tries.

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