If the rocket that opened the account with 1.5 Cr exceeds 8 in 3 days, consider it a Madhavan big hit too!

As much as R Madhavan’s Rocketry: The Nambi Effect was praised, people avoided any other movies in the month of June-July. Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is probably the first biographical drama about a scientist in Indian cinema. The Rocketry story is the story of former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan. Critics and audiences who saw the film have openly praised it. Almost everyone called the biography a masterpiece and described it as a must-see movie. The work of R Madhavan and his team as writer, director, producer and lead actor was also appreciated in all aspects.

Needless to say, Madhavan’s Tagade movie is based on word of mouth. The proof of this is not hard to understand from all the Internet platforms connected to the movie database, including IMDb and the weekend’s box office takings, which turned out to be consistently better than the first day. A closer look at IMDb will give you a few things to read separately from the collection report. Well, the original Tamil movie was also dubbed in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and English and released on about 2000 Desi Screens. Rocketry got off to a slow start on day one with all languages ​​clashing at the box office and not being a mass performer. Anyway, the buzz for non-commercial movies sometimes looks like it does for commercial movies.

R Madhavan as former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan.

According to all trade reports including Sacnilk, the film earned Rs 1.73 crore on the first day in all languages ​​at the desi box office. In this, the contribution from the Hindi Territory was 75 lakhs, which can be considered spectacular. On the second day, the film’s earnings recorded a record growth of over 71% and the film’s gross reached Rs 2.97 crore. Here too, the largest contribution came from the Hindi and Tamil territories. The Hindi contribution alone turned out to be Rs 1.25 crore. Which is about twice as much as the first day.

Rocketry earnings in three days is nothing short of a smash hit for Madhavan

On the third day, that is, on Sunday too, the film has made a good collection. It was said in India Today and many reports that on the third day there was also a tremendous jump in the film’s gross and the profit was around Rs 3.70 crore. In this way, despite a weak start, the film has managed to do business for more than 8 million rupees in three days. In different estimates, the budget of the film amounts to 20 million rupees. On this basis, Rocketry, which managed to earn more than 8 million rupees, can be considered a successful film. And of course it is nothing short of a smash hit for Madhavan.

Due to the unique and strong content, the audience is seen leaving the theater promoting it. This audience publicity is the main reason behind the daily growth of the collection. The same thing happened with The Kashmir Files. That is to say, Madhavan’s film will still be seen to do satisfying business strongly on its scale. Since the controversies had given Kashmir Files too much publicity, and later it also got many Hindi screens. Not so with rocketry. Because of this, it’s foolish to expect a lot of business from the movie. However, the film will easily take out the entire budget and will be considered an all-round profitable deal.

The oppression of the scientist in the biographical drama stunned people’s minds.

Rocketry is no ordinary biographical drama. Because of this, it has no longer become the story of a scientist’s struggle and achievement. Rather, the persecution story of an honest scientist who came out of an ordinary family is more visible. Because of this, the patriotic scientist is giving the audience inspiration and confidence, but the oppression on him is also hardening people’s minds about the corrupt anti-national system. In fact, in the story of a scientist, the persecution becomes the big difference that prevents him from becoming ‘A Beautiful Mind’, with the title role of ‘Russell Crowe’. Rocketry and a Beautiful Mind is like a case study. Rocketry can tell what factors make a difference in the thinking of developed countries in the West and India and who is really responsible for it.

The accolades on IMDb also grew stronger over time.

The first day after its launch, there wasn’t much engagement on IMDb regarding the rockets. Until the night of the first day, less than a thousand registered users had voted and given reviews in favor of the film. Rating 8.5 out of 10. But also in three days, you can see a tremendous jump in terms of participation. The film has a rating of 9.3 out of 10, which is enough to say the strength of the content and the attitude of people towards it. Here you can see about 5 thousand users hooked on the movie. By the way, in the next few days you will be able to see better data on IMDb about Madhavan’s film.

The special thing is that the film is endearing itself to audiences of all ages, castes and religions. This movie achievement is also nothing short of an achievement for the filmmakers.

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