If there is Kamal Seer in Vikram in terms of acting, then Vijay Sethupathi is also not less than a quarter of a century!

Kamal Haasan’s multi-star mega play ‘Vikram’ directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, which was released alongside Samrat Prithviraj, one of Akshay Kumar’s super flop films, needs no introduction now. You can easily guess how the movie is doing by looking at its box office collection. The film has crossed the 450 crore mark a long time ago and is writing new definitions of success with each passing day. Whether it’s the star cast or the movie’s plot, Vikram has taken care of everything that makes a movie the perfect entertainment. It will be said that it is the specialty of the movie that when you start watching Vikram starring Kamal Haasan then you wake up after it ends and after the movie ends the first thought that comes to mind is that I wish something like this was made in bollywood or to say that also seen in hindi cinema. After all these things, the question is, does the presence of the lotus in the film complete it? The answer is no. As much as the lotus is relevant to the film, a villain like Vijay Sethupathi was also needed in the film. Just like Vijay has done by acting as Vikram, if both South and Bollywood are going crazy for Vijay Sethupathi, then it’s not just like that.

Through his performance in Vikram, Vijay said that his passion in Bollywood is not like that these days.

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Note that Vijay Sethupathi is one of those actors from the South whom Bollywood is desperate to include in its films. If we talk about the latest gossip, the news is that we will also see the performance of Vijay Sethupathi in Shahrukh’s upcoming movie Jawan.

How tall is Vijay Sethupathi in terms of acting? We can easily guess this while looking at Vikram. The entrance of Vijay, who became a drug gangster in the film, is so funny that the whistle will come out of your mouth as a spectator. There may be some other business ahead, but we also have to understand that Vijay has an aura in the South and the production managers have taken full care of him for Vikram.

How? Let us understand this from the scene in the movie where Vijay’s entrance who became Chandan is presented in front of the audience on the screen. As is known, Vijay in the film is a drug dealer who has his own empire. An agent catches them and takes them to the police station in a car. The agent does not know who he has caught, but when he notices him, Vijay shoots him with his service weapon.

If all of this happens in the moving car, then the car rolls over on this start. Later, Vijay is shown getting out of that car. The way this scene was shot is excellent, and during this scene he realizes how dangerous sandalwood is in movie terms.

Whether it’s Vijay’s looks for the movie or his gold teeth, from acting to expression, Vijay has done a lot in the movie that turns his performance into an award-winning performance. There is a scene in the movie where Fahad who became a special agent puts RDX in Vijay’s house either because of sandalwood’s dedication towards his family or caring for his men’s lives as Vijay has played this scene. Registered in.

We reiterate that Vikram is not just Kamal’s film. If the producing director had cast someone else in the movie, even if this movie had been ready, but we’re also pretty sure that he couldn’t have been in the movie just because of Vijay.

Every scene in Vikram where we saw Vijay showing off his acting skills on screen, testifies to the fact that Vijay is a moving school of acting unto himself. Whose performance should be seen by everyone, from young actors looking for a future in the world of cinema to movie buffs.

However, Vijay has already shown his talents with Kamal and Fahad in Vikram, but from the way Bollywood looks at him now, it is clear that Bollywood producing directors, seeing his aura, have understood very well that Boycott is part of Bollywood. In the era, Vijay Sethupathi is the only Sanjeevani who can breathe new life into Bollywood as he dies.

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