If Vishal Bhardwaj is writing history with Tabu in mind, then understand the meaning …

Tabu and Vishal Bhardwaj are two established mainstays of Bollywood. Nor is it necessary to tell the filmography of both or the achievements. As of today, Vishal is included in such producer-directors who have a different style of their own. So is Tabu. He also did all kinds of roles. I don’t know how many times he has acted with iron. She can be called the best Bollywood actress. It is the wonder of her acting ability that, at an age when actresses are leaving the cinema or getting involved in supporting roles, Tabu not only remains relevant but is also leading her films. The most special thing about both is that whenever the two have come together in Bollywood history, something different has come up. The two are seen side by side in some of the best works of his filmography.

Nothing to say. In general, you must have understood that joining means something good or different. Vishal and Tabu will work together again. The special thing is that the project is digital. Tabu, who is currently working with Kartik Aaryan on Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, has announced that he will be making another film with Vishal. The title of the film is Intelligence. This is a thriller that will be made for the OTT Netflix platform. Ali Fazal, Ashish Vidyarthi and Vamika will share the screen with Tabu under the direction of Vishal. Vishal’s directorial debut was Makdee, who came out of Gulzar’s school. This is the movie that not only received praise, but in a flash, Vishal had become one of Bollywood’s unrivaled directors. After that, he never looked back and brought back stories that were neither typical Bollywood masala movies nor award-winning movies.

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Maqbool is among the best films of Vishal’s career. This was his second film as a director. He came in 2003. Tabu first worked under Vishal’s direction for this film. Maqbool’s movie is Kya, Ek Poetry. Not just Tabu, all the characters in this movie did a wonderful job. Even those who appeared in the frame for a few seconds or did not speak at all. Veterans like Pankaj Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Irrfan bring their characters to life. What a great job Tabu did too. After Maqbool, Tabu became one of Vishal’s favorite heroines and they made many movies together. Now, the pair of directors and actresses can be seen in top form in the suspense drama Intelligence.

By the way, you see a different taboo in thrillers. I can’t believe this is the same glamorous doll from the past that used to be seen in songs like Kabhi Aaya Aapko Aapte tha tha. Those who have seen Drishyam, Missing, and Andhadhun will know why Tabu’s presence in thrillers changes the meaning. As far as intelligence is concerned, this movie is based on a novel. The novel is from Amar Bhushan – Scape to Know Where.

The story of the RAW Operative related movie is inspired by the actual incident. Most of the incidents occur in Delhi. Vishal himself wrote the script for the novel’s story. And he himself said that he has written the story thinking about his favorite taboo. What’s special is that this is the intelligence giant’s first web project. While Tabu has shown a strong web presence through A Right Boy. There was a lot of discussion about A Right Boy, it is a different matter than most of the discussions happened due to controversies related to the movie.

Production of Vishal Tabu intelligence will begin soon.

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