If you have not seen these five films by Dilip Kumar, what have you seen, sir, the world of cinema is incomplete!

If it hadn’t been for Dilip Kumar, maybe people wouldn’t have liked Bollywood so much. What it is to act, without a lord, perhaps nobody can understand. Thanks to the legendary Indian film artist Dilip Kumar, we fell in love with cinema, which has no scale. The performance of an actor like Dilip Kumar will always be the best for the next generation.

Dilip Kumar taught what it is to act

I don’t know how many actors considered him their guru and he dominated the world of cinema. We love the King of Tragedy and we love every aspect, every character. We didn’t even feel after seeing his movies that he was acting, he used to live all the characters.

As if he knew how to do tilism in each incarnation. He was also quick-tempered and romantic. From a lover in love to an honest cop, they acted as if they felt his pain. Those who have known him, who have felt his magic, tears will surely flow from his eyes without meaning to.

Perhaps Dilip Kumar had the power to bring as many heroes to the screen as the film’s writers could imagine. Dilip Kumar, the first Khan of Bollywood, has worked for more than 6 decades on his film career. Perhaps the children of today are not as lucky as the elders of their homes, because they have met Dilip Kumar, they have seen him. I learned a lot from his movies.

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Although thousands of young people today look for and see the films of Dilip Kumar. The wizard may have said goodbye to the world, but his magic still remains and will remain so. We cannot compare him to anyone, there is no such person, because Dilip Kumar was only one.

Not only this, Saira Banu calls him by the name of Kohinoor. Although Sir Dilip Kumar worked on more than one film, today we tell you the five best films that received a lot of love from people. These movies had made people emotionally cry. Without watching these movies, you will know that Bollywood is incomplete.

1- Devdas

This film generated panic in the world of cinema. Devdas remains an iconic film for movie lovers. The character of his character ‘Paro’ was inspired by real life. The film left such an impression on the audience that the same story was remade after 47 years. The film is based on the novel Devdas by the famous writer and novelist Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. Legendary filmmaker Bimal Royal made the film Devdas in 1955. The film was released on December 30, 1955 and turned out to be a huge success. During that time, the film had earned Rs 1 crore. Vyjayanthi Mala was recognized in Bollywood for Dilip Kumar’s film Devdas.

2- Mughal-e-Azam

If you haven’t seen Mughal-e-Azam by now, you will never call yourself a movie lover. There is very little to write about this movie, which is one of the classic Bollywood movies. The film was released on August 5, 1960. At that time, it took 1.5 million rupees to make this film. After its release, the film made a million rupee business. In this movie, Dilip Kumar played the role of Salim and Madhubala played Anarkali. His performance gave a form of Anarkali and Salim in the hearts of the people. This film had won many titles from National to Filmfare Award. Most importantly, Mughal-e-Azam had won the hearts of the people. Those who did not see the cinema also saw this movie.

3- New round

In this film, Dilip Kumar made people so moved that they cried. The fight between machine and man is shown in this movie. In this film, Vyjayanthi Mala has played an important role together with Dilip Kumar. This movie was directed by BR Chopra. The movie was highly appreciated at the time. Dilip Kumar’s performance in this movie became an example.

4- Ram and Shyam

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, watch it. You will get the answer why we say this after watching this movie. Dilip Kumar did a double role in this classic film. The acting was so tremendous that people didn’t even think that the same person was playing both characters. Waheeda Rehman and Mumtaz were seen playing important roles with Dilip Kumar. This is a super entertainment movie from the 60s. Which inspired the movies made in the 70s, after which the double couple masala movies came into play. The songs in this movie are also amazing with melodious music.

5- Ganga Jamuna

In this movie, Dilip Sahab was seen speaking Bhojpuri. He played the role of a thoughtless villager. He had learned the typical Bhojpuri for this movie. This movie was released in 1961. This image of Dilip Kumar made a home in people’s hearts.

So if you love Hindi cinema and you like to watch old movies, check out Sahab Dilip Kumar movies. If it’s not complete, check out these five. Our promise is that those who like the classics will definitely like these movies. To meet Dilip Kumar, who gave a new identity to the world of cinema, you have to understand these characters.

His performance seems to be a reality. Those deep eyes between his thick black eyebrows will tell you so much, for which you will have to find the answer yourself. The magician may have said goodbye, but his magic will always remain in this world of cinema and its fans …

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