If You Liked Forensic Movie, Then You Can Check Out These Five Psychological Crime Thrillers

The psychological crime thriller ‘Forensic’ is streaming on the OTT platform Zee5. It is the Hindi remake of the Malayalam film of the same name, which was released in the year 2020. Made at a cost of Rs 4 million, this Malayalam film made a business of Rs 12 million at the box office. From this you can gauge the popularity of the film. People like Hindi movie as its original movie. The 6.3 rating on IMDb is proof of that.

The big reason why he liked the movie is that for the first time people have the opportunity to easily understand a difficult subject like ‘Forensic Science’. A lot of new and modern equipment has also been used in the film, which is increasing people’s awareness. Along with this, we also tell how forensic science can prove useful in revealing any incident in modern times. Before this, many movies and web series have been made in Bollywood like ‘Forensics’, which people have liked a lot.

Let us know about the top five psychological crime thrillers in Hindi…

1. visible

USP- Despite the lack of suspense in the film, every effort has been made to create excitement. This is the USP of this movie. It has been shown in this that even a less educated person can do anything under any circumstances based on his honesty, courage, determination and trustworthy family. The hero of the film is Nazir. The film explains the value of family.

The film ‘Drishyam’ directed by Nishikant Kamat was released in theaters in the year 2015. It is the Hindi remake of the Malayalam film of the same name. Southern movie superstar Mohanlal played the title role in the original film, played by Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan in Hindi. It also stars Shreya Saran, Rajat Kapoor, and Tabu in major roles along with Ajay. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that the film made at a cost of Rs 38 million made a business of Rs 110 million at the box office. There is no mystery in the film’s story, but the level of excitement is so high that viewers are left in awe. For the first time in the film, it is seen that the audience knows the whole truth, but despite this, as the story progresses, they continue to be emotional. After the death of a child, an ordinary man hides his corpse in such a way that the police cannot find it despite all efforts. Even the police would have known about his crime, but still could not arrest him due to lack of evidence. With a brave guardian, the whole family stands firm. All the tortures are carried out, but nobody even does it. The film has an 8.2 rating on IMDb.

2. History

USP- If you want to feel the thrill while watching a mysterious story, you will rarely see a better movie than this one. The movie also has those three elements like shock, surprise and satisfaction, which prove that it is the best in the category of psychological suspense. There is no answer to the best performance of the rest of Vidya Balan.

The movie ‘Kahaani’ was released in the year 2012. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh, the movie stars Vidya Balan, Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead roles. Vidya Balan, known for movies like ‘Paa’, ‘Ishqiya’, ‘Nobody Killed Jessica’ and ‘The Dirty Picture’, did her best in the movie. Faced with her different performance, the other actors in the film look like dwarfs. Vidya Balan played the character of a woman named Vidya Bagchi in the film. She comes to India from London in search of her husband Arnav Bagchi. Despite being pregnant, she searches for her husband through the streets of Kolkata. The pacing of the film is so fast that the audience is forced to watch it while holding their breath. The film shows very closely the magic of Hindi cinema and Calcutta. The story of this film can be called an excellent presentation. It must be seen once and it must be understood that women are not helpless and defenseless, if they are determined to do something, then they are out of breath doing it. The film has an 8.1 rating on IMDb.

3. The Last Hour

USP- The web series ‘The Last Hour’ is based on such an interesting story woven around an interesting idea, which is seen in the colors of local dialects and sentiments. The thriller is finely woven between suspense and mystery, which makes the series gripping. Along with this, the beauty of the northeast is also seen.

The story of supernatural psychological crime thriller web series ‘The Last Hour’ revolves around a shaman or jhakri found in India and Nepal. People like Shaman/Jhakhari are also called Tantrik, Ojha or Sokha in the Northeast. It has been shown in this series how a Jhakri can speak to the soul of the dead. One can know the story of the last hour of his life. This story is also about the tradition of him among the tantrics. Who will have what knowledge and how will they use it, this supremacy has also been demonstrated. In this, the beautiful plains of the Northeast have a strong side between mystery and adventure. The snow-capped mountains, cedar forests, and winding roads of Sikkim create a mystical atmosphere with supernatural elements. Directed by Amit Kumar, the series stars Sanjay Kapoor, Karma Takapa, Shayli Krishen, Robin Tamang, Mandakini Goswami, Shahana Goswami, and Raima Sen in major roles. The web series has a rating of 7.7 on IMDb. People are eagerly waiting for the second season.

4. Sudl: The Vortex

USP- Quite a psychological police thriller, in which a surprising truth comes to light at every turn. Each character in the story carries a mystery of its own. Set against the backdrop of an annual cultural festival, the series revolves around the lies and deceit of various characters with hidden agendas and emotions.

The web series ‘Sudal: The Vortex’ is directed by the film director duo ‘Vikram Vedha’ Bramma and Anuchan M. From this you can guess how the mystery of the web series would have been mixed with the adventure. Tamil actors Kathir, Aishwarya Rajesh, Shriya Reddy and Radhakrishnan Parthiban have lead roles in the series. Many people may not understand the title of this web series. In such a situation, say that Sudal is a Tamil word. It means vortex. That is to say, ‘Sudal’ is a kind of vortex in which people are still trapped. It is said that there is no work like the name. The creators of this series have also done the same as its title. As you watch this eight-episode web series, can you even blink? In this one, such a drama has been presented with mystery and emotion, which hardly anyone likes. A great web series has been made.


USP- Just as Vivek Agnihotri’s film The Kashmir Files presents the horrible reality of the genocide of the Hindus in the Valley, in the same way, in this film the Christian missionaries present in South India, especially in Kerala, have been exposed. The veil has been removed from the reality of your false priests.

In the year 2020, the famous southern movie actor Fahad Faasil stars in the psychological thriller ‘Trans’ broadcast on Amazon Prime Video. The film is based on the life story of a motivational speaker Viju Prasad. He lives in Kanyakumari with his younger brother Kunjan. Kunjan is mentally weak, so he commits suicide. Viju, left alone after the death of his brother, goes to Bombay. There he meets the casting director Kavita. He also used to meet her in Kanyakumari. Kavita offers him the role of a shepherd for a movie. He does a great job in this role. Through this, he also manages to discover those false priests, who are the root of evil in the society. Originally made in Malayalam, the film was seen as a bold move. Because Christian missionaries dominate in many South Indian states, including Kerala. Many kinds of misdeeds are committed here under the guise of religion. This is shown well in the movie. The film has a 7.3 rating on IMDb.

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