In Brahmastra Part 2 Dev, only Karthik Aryan can save Karan Johar’s sinking ship by becoming a god!

Even if there is a lot of propaganda going on. Various arguments have been given and all the arguments have ended in boycott. But contrary to these things, the way Brahmastra performed at the box office surprised the great movie pundits. All the movie critics stopped talking. With the force of ‘Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva’, Karan Johar managed to do what Bollywood had been waiting for a long time. Whether it’s the opening week collections or this week’s earnings, Brahmastra Part 1 proved that people have liked the concept of Astraverse and the visual effects used in the film. The movie ends with Dev’s Jhalki. Now there is curiosity among the audience that when Brahmastra Part 2 comes along, which acting character will give a new dimension to Dev’s career in it?

Karthik Aryan’s name for the role of Dev in Brahmastra is nice in many ways.

There are many names on which speculations are being made. Before the release of the film, news also came that Karan Johar approached Hrithik Roshan for Part 2 of his mega project. It was later said that Hrithik had not played the role of Dev in Brahmastra. The reasoning behind this was given for ‘dates’ and it was said that Hrithik is busy on different projects.

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At this time, in view of Brahmastra, people couldn’t even talk about Hrithik in a way that the news also came that Ranveer Singh will play the role of Dev in the movie. But this also turned out to be just gossip. Because Dev is a major character in terms of Brahmastra and producer Karan Johar and director Ayan Mukerji, the search for Dev is not over yet. So once again some names float in front of people.

The name that the discussion market is hot about is Karthik Aryan, even if Karthik’s name may make people uneasy. Or be surprised. But if Karthik is chosen by producer Karan Johar and director Ayan Mukerji for the role of Dev, then it will be a wise decision.

Why? If the question is this, then we must understand that while Kartik Aaryan is in demand in terms of movies, his dialogue delivery and timing are also good. It can be said that if Karthik enters this Karan Johar project, then he will not be nineteen years old from Ranbir but only twenty.

Some people may also raise questions after seeing Karthik in a superhero image. Let it be said that Karthik does not fit the image of a superhero. So we’d like to draw those people’s attention to a movie like Spiderman. American actor Tobey Maguire played Spiderman in 2002’s Spiderman.

If we remember Spider-man and look at Toby Maguire’s role in it, in one part of the movie, Maguire was just a young man, whereas when he transforms into Spider-man, his expressions, face, face, everything changes and the feeling is that Maybe The script for this movie was written with Maguire in mind. If we still remember Spiderman, then one of the big reasons for this is Maguire.

In such a situation, when we look at Karthik Aryan, we see a lot of similarities between him and Maguire. It can be said that if Karthik Aryan becomes Dev in Brahmastra 2, then somewhere the aura of him will be Spiderman. If Karthik becomes Shiva, he will surely, on the one hand, do wonders as a human being. So when that part of him shows up in the movie where he’s going to become a superhero, then it’s going to be worth watching his performance there as well.

However, the relationship between Karthik and Karan Johar is not even to say that the tension is hidden from anyone. But as it is today and the way in which the public has sounded the Boycott bugle. Karan is forced to put aside all the estrangement and join Karthik. If Karthik calls Brahmastra as Dev then it is also beneficial for the movie because Karthik is one of those people who are still away from any controversy or camp and focus only on his work.

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