In The Family Man 2, Srikanth kills the boss. The best scene management case study is …

In the world of social media and memes, this week was named The Family Man Season 2. On the one hand, Chelam sir turns out to be faster than Google, and on the other hand, the main character of the story, Shrikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee), is happy with the beating of his boss, as if India has defeated Pakistan. at the World Cup. Many people’s posts were intended that they wish they could beat their boss this way. Whatever the reason behind these thoughts, I won’t discuss it today, but as a management professional the episode of Shrikant Tiwari and his boss strikes me as a great management case study. A big reason for Srikkanth and his boss’s problem is their age, where the boss is small and the employee is big. I have been in both situations in my professional career: where I reported someone younger than me and where someone older than me reported.

In The Family Man 2, Srikkanth has taught management a great lesson.

If we look at the history of Shrikant and Boss as the history of the real office, then based on my experience, I would ask both Shrikant and his boss to change a few things.

each person is different

Srikanth’s boss did not understand that all employees cannot be the same. Srikkanth’s boss kept setting his example over and over again on how he works. Each person’s skills are different, the working method is different. Sachin Tendulkar is the best hitter and Dhoni is the best captain. Dravid is also a great hitter, but his game is different from Sachin.

Dhoni, Dravid or Sachin cannot feed in the same way. Srikanth may be a better coder or analyst than your manager. Your manager should employ you accordingly.

Clarify expectations and goals

Srikanth’s manager repeatedly recounted his expectations and tried to encourage Srikkanth, but in the process kept mentioning how he became CEO at the age of 28. It doesn’t matter that you became a CEO at 28 and Srikanth a coder at 45. It is important to understand that you cannot encourage an older employee in the same way as a younger one because each age has its own responsibility, expectations and thinking. .

As a manager, it is your duty to get the employee to do the best job in a timely manner. So stop trying to please the employee, clearly state your expectations about their job, and help them fulfill it.

human touch

Young people often believe that older employees are lethargic, while young people do not consider themselves serious. A successful manager tries to get to know his employees instead of this popular belief. Do you know your employee as an individual? Did you ever gossip with him besides work? A human touch always shows the strengths, weaknesses and way of thinking of the employee and helps the manager to increase the usefulness of the employee.

harness the potential

If you have an older and more experienced employee, you should make the most of their skills and experience. When I joined an organization as a Marketing Director, there was an employee who was almost 7 years older than me and had more experience. She didn’t like my visit because she thought she should have been the head of marketing.

I won’t argue why I didn’t name him now, but it was the fact that I was his manager. I tried to understand this employee and came to know that being in the organization for 20 years, she knows all the systems here, knows the people in all the departments, and has the best communication.

I entrusted the work to him in which he had to coordinate with all the departments and work using the internal system. Seeing the importance of his work in the organization, his tension was reduced to a certain extent and I was also successful in doing my job.


Organizations today maintain some flexibility in the rules to improve working conditions. Despite office hours being 9.30, Srikant Tiwari was interrupted by his manager for arriving early in the series at 9.20 as arriving early is inappropriate. If the employee is working within the rules, then he should receive the benefit of flexibility, this increases productivity.

We have discussed the shortcomings of the manager of Srikkanth, but this situation could also have been rectified by Srikkanth. Srikanth maintained many flaws in his work and behavior.

follow the rules

Srikanth wanted to do something else in his career, but was doing this job due to family compulsions. If you work in any organization, you must follow its rules, you must complete the work.

eager to learn

Learn instead of getting mad at a manager younger than you. Surely he knows some things better than you and there is nothing wrong with learning those things. He transmits his experience to the manager and works as a team taking advantage of the manager’s experience. Srikkanth kept a distance from his manager and his colleagues, considering himself superior to everyone, so it was not acceptable.

open up

Whenever you receive feedback from any manager, keep their views and expectations open. Whenever Srikkanth received the feedback, his body language was about to dismiss it. In his eyes, it was clear to dismiss the boss as a child. Accept comments as you work and convince the boss with arguments if you disagree.

get update

The world is changing very fast and the ways of doing things faster than that. If someone new comes, they come with new methods. You also learn new things, update yourself. When I was reporting to a manager younger than me, I saw that he is very good at digital marketing. I come from a traditional marketing experience.

The company was now moving towards digital marketing and my manager could take it in that direction. After this, I learned digital marketing, I got the help of a young manager, which resulted in me getting the next job not only in that company.

In our career, many of us will occupy the position of Srikkanth and sometimes his boss. Successful will be the one who takes advantage of this experience considering it an opportunity and not a problem.

My young coach didn’t do everything right, but I learned from him what not to do. I may have made some mistakes too and that older employee who worked with me must have learned a lesson from it.

When Srikanth works as a secret agent, he tells his colleague that our job is to protect the country and the Prime Minister’s post. It doesn’t matter who is sitting on it. The same applies to all of us as well. We work for an organization and we are accountable to someone. Live up to your responsibility to be successful and to work as a team.

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