In the Lock-Up promo, the Kangana-Munawar debate is minus the show’s USP, the TRP maneuver is plus!

The round is OTT. As the audience is tested, so are the platforms and everyone needs to be number one. The competition is such that who does not care about ethics or has any attachment to morality. Entertainment is in the thumb so apart from content OTT is dominated by everything that will bring success in less time and controversy is a big part of it. It’s too late to make the show controversial because immediately the buzz becomes the show itself becomes a hit. Today, Alt Balaji not only understood this but also implemented it through ‘Lock-up’. ALTBalaji’s next show, Lock-Up, features Kangana Ranaut, who praises his nationalism and rule. So too is comedian Munawwar Farooqui, who has gone behind bars for his controversial comedy. Alt Balaji has posted a promo for the show. The promo shows that the Kangana and Munavvar ‘lockdown’ has all the elements that make it controversial. Perhaps it is the controversy that will keep this show in the number 1 race for TRP.

Alt Balaji and MX Player have sparked controversy in the promotional video for Lock Up

Note that a teaser clip was released even before the start of MX Player and Alt Balaji’s reality show Lock Up. In this clip of about 30 seconds, Kangana and Munavvar are seen on stage together. Kangana is seen talking to Munavvar in a sarcastic tone during the questions. At the same time, like Munawar’s attitude, she also holds her words fearlessly. This 30-second clip is for promotion of the show, but as it stands, it’s clear it was released just to make some noise.

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Conversations will continue on the show, but the first mention of this clip spreads like wildfire on social media. In this promotional clip, Kangana Ranaut is seen saying to Munavvar: ‘Why Munavvar has come here, you haven’t come to mess with me’. I’m kidding man. We can joke too, right?

On this matter of Kangana, the comedian Munawwar Farooqui gave him a tremendous answer. Munavvar said: ‘It wasn’t just a bit of fun. I don’t want to change anything about comedy because the artist couldn’t bring the revolution. On this, Kangana says: ‘Hey… if death had been punished, they would have occurred here’. At this, Munavvar says: ‘Do not threaten me.’

The way Kangana and Munavvar bump into each other in the promo, it’s not done just for the purpose of creating excitement among the audience. This promo was made under a well thought out strategy and launched. As we have already said, the whole game is controversial. If it had been purely sattvik, this show would hardly have attracted the audience, but because there is controversy, now hardly anyone can stop it from going ahead and getting on people’s tongues.

It should be noted that so far the five Lock Up contestants Nisha Rawal, Karanbir Vohra, the fighter Babita Phogat, the comedian Munawwar Farooqui and the model-actress Poonam Pandey are known. Speaking of this program, it is a program that can be seen at any time. At the same time, the show also gives fans the opportunity to interact with their favorite contestants.

As we have already pointed out before, in the current era, OTT platforms have changed the meaning of entertainment. Now why is entertainment going at the behest of our fingers and everyone has to make the target audience in their fist so all sorts of saam daam and bhed are being done and lock-up promotion is the hallmark of that initiative.

The talk has occurred in the context of rising to the top of the success of the Kangana/Munavvar controversies. So we have to remember that ALTBalaji also knows that whether it’s Kangana Ranaut or Munawwar Farooqui, they are both expert players in the controversy game and their skill is the only thing that can get the show going.

MX Player and Alt Balaji’s Lock Upp is not only spicy, but also contains a lot of gossip, which is why it is called a youth-focused show. It has already been made clear about the rest of the show that this will be a show that will be beyond people’s imaginations and imaginations, which has been confirmed by the promotion.

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