‘In the next 5 years I see myself as a wife and mother’, Kangana confesses her love!

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  • Kangana Ranaut pointed to a special person at the Times Now Summit
  • Kangana plans to become mother and wife in next five years
  • Kangana said, “everyone will know about the possible special person.”

Recently, Padma Shri awardee Kangana Ranaut made a big statement about her personal life at the Times Now Summit 2021. A special person has entered in Kangana’s life, which was indicated by Kangana herself in this interview. During the live session, when Kangana was asked about her plans for the next 5 years, she said, “I see myself as a wife and mother in the next 5 years.” Apart from this, everyone will soon come to know about it, said Kangana.

Kangana said this about the plan for the next 5 years

During the live session of Times Now Summit 2021, Kangana spoke openly about her personal life. In the interview, anchor Navika Kumar questions Padma Shri award winning actress Kangana Ranaut about her plans for the next five years. The anchor asked, he has achieved a lot so far and now where does he see himself in the next 5 years? Giving a shocking answer to this question, Kangana said that she sees herself as a mother and wife for the next five years.

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Kangana pointed to a special person

Hearing this answer, everyone present in the summit was surprised. After Kangana’s reply, Navika Kumar asked Kangana another question, has she started working on this plan? In response to which Kangana said that soon everyone will know about this too. In this interview, Kangana had indicated that a special person has also come in her life, about which everyone will soon come to know.

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In the interview, Kangana Ranaut also revealed that people were making fun of her on Twitter and for not speaking English. Kangana said that not mimicked speaking come from a middle class family and English. He also said on Twitter that he liked the word Ben.

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