Incredible performance by Amrita Subhash in an inspiring story

Viral Fever, which gives the best webseries such as ‘Aspirant’, ‘Panchayat’, ‘Yeh Meri Family’ and ‘Gullak’, makes every movie that comes out of the TVF factory spectacular. If anyone is doing the job of showcasing the real India on OTT platforms full of web series from categories like crime, thriller, action, and fiction, then it’s TVF. Their new offering airs on Zee5 which is called ‘Saas Bahu Achar Private Limited’.

Do not go by the name of this webseries, after seeing its history and the performance of the actors, it will come out of your mouth, “Wow…Wow…Wow”, its characters resemble members of its family, the actors seem old acquaintances. His story inspires. It teaches us and makes us understand that we can make our future by doing action, not with hand lines. We must be Karmaveer.

“This is my daughter-in-law, Pandit ji, just look at her hand.” When the mother-in-law asks about the daughter-in-law, Panditji, looking at her hand, says, “Son, Shani Rekha is not yours. Whatever is achieved in a person’s life, that line decides.” About this, the heroine of the series says: “Pandit ji lines have set everyone’s destiny, but it means a little bit that we should not do karma at all.

The story of the film revolves around a woman named Suman (Amrita Subhash), who, due to her husband Dilip’s infidelity, dedicates herself to becoming financially strong in order to raise her children. After having two children, Dilip wants to separate from Suman and marry another woman. Taking it, he begins to live in the house with himself. Unhappy with this, Suman decides to divorce her. Her brother is going to stay home, but returns home saddened by his behavior.

“Will you be able to raise children?” Suman shows courage in this question from husband Dilip. She asks for a year’s time. She starts doing mango pickle business to strengthen herself financially. She asks Shukla ji, who lives in a room in her own building, to help her with her business. But Shukla cheats on him and makes a profit by selling her pickles at the market. One day, Suman discovers Shukla selling pickles on the bus. After that she is very sad.

Being caught stealing, Shukla comes to Suman with some money. But she doesn’t open the door. In this, Shukla says that how will he be able to do it alone, Suman repeats what he said: “You said that ‘lagai in the first year, jamai in the second year and then win for the third year’. I have put it, now I will accumulate and win. “From now on I will make myself capable.” In the midst of all this, her children have a different struggle. Son doesn’t want to study, daughter wants to go to IIT. Suman, struggling to make her daughter’s dreams and her business come true, finally receives support from her mother-in-law (Yamini Das). ).

Her mother-in-law trains her to sell pickles. Not only that, she herself helps to sell pickles on the buses by going with her. This is how her business goes. But meanwhile, one day an accident occurs. The police catch him with conduct. He seizes his belongings and his money. Desperately disappointed, what will Suman do next? Will his business be able to work again? Will his daughter be admitted to IIT? To answer all these questions, you must watch this web series.

In the true sense, Suman is trying to represent the story of today’s girls who, after getting divorced, enter the business world and meet to make their mark. The show is a tribute to all those women who have left their professional mark despite all adversity. A woman is a true warrior who fights through all the difficulties that bring out her greatest potential, giving her a new dimension.

Suman’s character is very different. She has the power to leave her mark even in the face of adversity. Her struggle is not tragic but fascinating and her journey inspires others to persevere and not give up on her dreams. At all times on this path, what gives her the strength to move forward is her family. Even in that family, her mother-in-law and both of her children always support her. It is only thanks to the mother-in-law that she can be successful in her business.

The web series ‘Saas Bahu Achar Private Limited’ produced by Arunabh Kumar is directed by Apoorva Singh Karki. It stars National Award-winning actress Amrita Subhash along with Yamini Das, Anoop Soni, Anjana Sukhani, and Anandeshwar Dwivedi in leading roles. The story of the series is written by Abhishek Srivastava and Swarndeep Biswas. In this, Amrita Subhash has played the character of Suman brilliantly. Her amazing acting looks so natural that it’s like she really is Suman.

Yamini Das has appeared as a wow factor in the series. She has been seen in such a character after a long time. She has married in the role of mother-in-law. Despite being a supporting character, she is seen parallel to Amrita’s character. Anoop Soni, Anjana Sukhani and Anandeshwar Dwivedi have done justice to their respective characters. Apoorva Singh Karki’s direction and Arjun Kukreti’s cinematography are amazing. You have to see this series this weekend.

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