India China showdown: China provoked again; 200 Chinese soldiers on the Arunachal border; India blocked: Chinese troops reportedly stopped at arunachal border another clash with Indian army

New Delhi: India and China have clashed again. Up to 200 Chinese soldiers were reportedly detained at the Line of Control (LoC), which shares a border with Arunachal Pradesh. The Indian army was blocking Chinese incursions into the Tawang sector. The report was published by India Today.

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The confrontation between the Indian Army and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army occurred during a patrol in the area that shares a border with China. According to sources, Indian troops have detained about 200 Chinese troops along the border.

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Later, local commanders intervened to solve the problem and the army withdrew, according to the report.

The sources said that the confrontation between the two parties lasted a few hours and the problems were resolved according to existing protocols. No injuries were reported.

On August 30, it was reported that China’s PLA had crossed the Line of Control (LoC) in the Barahoti region of Uttarakhand and had entered the border with India. More than a hundred soldiers crossed the border. According to national media reports, he returned after spending a few hours here.

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At the time, India was patrolling the area in response to the Chinese army incursion.

The conflict in the Pangong Lake area of ​​eastern Ladakh on May 5 last year had further strained relations between the two countries. As a result of subsequent negotiations, Saina was preparing to retire in February.

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