India new quad: ഇന്ത്യ പുതിയൊരു നാൽവർ സംഘത്തിൽ – India joins united arab emirates israel and usa in new quad

India Joins New Quadruple Alliance India has joined Israel, United Arab Emirates and the US Cooperation will be mainly in the areas of technology and trade. The meeting between the representatives of the four countries was held on October 18.

India had formed a quad with Australia, the United States and Japan to defend China. There is also cooperation between these countries for military exercises.

Big data and maritime security issues will also be under the scope of the new quad, various media reported.

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“The meeting between the Israeli Foreign Minister and the US Secretary of State was fruitful,” he said. Jayashankar tweeted.

Israeli Foreign Ministers Jair Lapid and Jayashankar attended the talks from Jerusalem. Everyone else joined the video from their home countries.

“Through this virtual discussion, we intend to work together on digital infrastructure, transportation, maritime security and other issues that bother us, so that we can achieve success,” said Jayashankar.

As a result of the discussions, some decisions were made and discussions held about appointing a high-level bureaucrat as part of a joint working group to implement them, media reports say.

It was also decided that the four ministers would meet face to face at this year’s Dubai Expo.

A spokesman for the US Interior Ministry told the Associated Press that US Secretary of State Blink and his partners discussed strengthening economic and political cooperation in West Asia and Asia.

Blinken described Israel, the United Arab Emirates and India as his strategic partners. He said they hoped their relationship would grow as they became more involved in energy, trade, weather and maritime safety.


Source: TOI | Compiled by Sruthy CR

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