Indian Air Force Vs Pak Air Force: Where does Pakistan stand vis-a-vis the Indian Air Force?

Pakistan may have nothing but it always keeps building bridges for India to shine. One of them is that Pakistan describes its Air Force as very powerful compared to ours. Pakistan has always said that India may have enormous military power, but its air force is very strong.

His illusion remained in the world until the 1971 war. In that war, Pakistan’s preparation was to roll back the Indian Air Force and weaken the Army through bomber planes along the east-west borders. He planned that if the Indian Air Force is already attacked and repelled, then the immense power of the Indian Army can be controlled through the sky. In this way, Pakistan would have gained a decisive advantage in that war.

For this purpose, the war of ’71 was started by Pakistan only through its most powerful weapon, the Air Force. suddenly. It attacked many different air bases in the country. Bhuj from Gujarat was also involved in this. It is no secret that the Bhuj air base was almost destroyed in that attack. But then squad leader Vijay Kumar Karnik, who was in charge of Bhuj, destroyed Pakistan’s plan. He remodeled the air base with the local women of the town. And from that air base, the army received the necessary help. From west to east, on all three fronts, land and air, Pakistan succumbed in just 13 days and also lost Bangladesh.

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Ajay Devgan Bhuj’s movie: The Pride of India comes before Independence Day in the same story as Indian Air Force in Bhuj. Indian Air Force has shown its strength and bravery many times. Recently, even during the Balakot attack, when the Indian Air Force entered Pakistan, there was silence. However, he still hasn’t stopped showing off his Air Force. Reality has nothing to do with gossip. Let us know where Pakistan stands versus the Indian Air Force.

The Indian Air Force was established in the year 1932 under the British Raj. Then Pakistan was also part of the country. But after partition in 1947, Pakistan also got a part of the Indian Air Force. Indian Air Force is one of the most advanced air forces in the world. There are about 2,185 aircraft in the fleet. The total number of aircraft are fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

The staff of the Indian Air Force is over one lakh twenty thousand. India has 590 fighters and interceptors on more than 2,185 aircraft. 804 fixed-wing attack aircraft and 708 transport aircraft. The size of the Air Force includes training aircraft, about 720 helicopters, 15 attack helicopters. This does not include fighter jets and helicopters found in the last two to three years. Whereas now the Indian fleet also includes Rafael and many helicopters from France.

How far is Pakistan behind us?

The number of aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force is 1,281 with 65 thousand employees. It has 320 fighters and interceptors. It includes 410 fixed-wing attack aircraft, 296 transport aircraft, 486 training aircraft, 328 helicopters and 49 attack helicopters.

In terms of fighter jets, the Indian Air Force is the fourth largest air force in the world. Pakistan is number eight. There is no doubt that our Air Force is more advanced and developed than Pakistan. Our staff is almost double their number. We have state-of-the-art combat aircraft such as Rafael, Mirage, Sukhoi, Jaguar. Bharate has 33 combat squads, while Pakistan has only 25.

The Indian Air Force currently has a ratio of 1.5 pilots per aircraft, according to a report by The Print. That is less than 2.5 pilots per plane from Pakistan. India’s fighter squad strength is less as per requirement, not in terms of comparative advantage over Pakistan. India needs 42 hunting squads. The Modi government has approved 42 combat squads and 12,500 officers. Let us tell you that there are 16-20 fighter jets in each squad.

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