Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma sells a multi-crore house in a resort


  • Rohit Sharma sells house in Lonavala, Maharashtra
  • A house sold for Rs 5.25 crore is taxed at Rs 26 lakh
  • Rohit Sharma prepares for test series against England

Mumbai – Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma is preparing for the test series in England. Rohit, who used to spend millions of rupees to buy properties outside the game, sold his house for millions. Rohit sold his home in the touristy Lonavala for Rs 5.25 crore. There are indications that the decline in tourism after Kovid was the reason for the sale.

The home measures approximately 6259 square feet. It is registered to Sushma Ashok Saraf. No further details have been released about them. The stamp duty paid was Rs 26 lakh. Lonavala is a hill station in Pune, Maharashtra. The area, which is frequented by many tourists, has recently suffered a depression.

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Billionaires from places like Mumbai and Pune often buy houses here and spend their weekends. Rohit Sharma also visit here. Rohit is reported to have such items in various locations in Mumbai. Rohit’s purchase of flats and other properties worth millions of rupees had already made headlines.

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In addition to his contract money and match fees for the national team, Rohit is also a billionaire through sponsorships and the IPL. The 34-year-old is currently preparing for the test series in England. Mumbai Indians have won the IPL five times. After the test series, he will return for the IPL in the United Arab Emirates in September.

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