Indian Idol 12 Controversy: Singer Javed Ali Has Ripped Out ‘Indian Idol’ Clothes!

Turn in any of the four directions. In a country like India, although the people lack sufficient resources, there is a lot of talent. Somewhere there is a good dancer and somewhere there is a good musician. Someone’s voice is such that it dissolves the sugar candy in the ears. So somewhere incomparable excellent game performance. Many different forums came that not only discovered these Kohinoor hiding in the darkness of the watering hole, but also brought them to the world of art, music, sport making them known to the whole country. Indian Idol is also such a platform. Through this platform, the country has more than one voice and while singing it can be said that it was probably Indian Idol, so the music or said song reached such a height that parents who are interested in music for the child. He was never serious, he even seemed serious. While watching the show, the common man felt that hidden talent was being given a chance through this show. Now the question is, was it really like that? Has Indian Idol really helped you unearth the hidden treasure? Even if your answer is yes. but it’s not like that. Indian Idol is as opportunistic as any other reality show.

The revelations made by singer Javed Ali about Indian Idol are shocking.

The things mentioned above may hurt you, but after what singer Javed Ali has said, there is no question that even through this show, the exploitation and exploitation of hidden talents continues unabated. As we do not see anything similar happening.

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What is the problem? What has become the reason for the controversy?

Indian Idol, who strangles talent by cheating under the guise of TRP, will be discussed in detail, but first understand the matter and know what happened this time that you have brought the show back into the limelight for the wrong reasons. As we mentioned singer Javed Ali, let’s say a recent Javed Ali interview is being discussed.

In an interview, Javed Ali said that when he was judging a show (Indian Idol), a contestant won there just because he was speaking so attractively. People loved hearing his words. About the show and the contestants, Javed also said: ‘These days people just want entertainment and masala. Viewers are very curious to know what is happening or what was happening in the contestant’s real life. I recently participated in a show and talked about my initial difficulties.

Speaking about the show Javed was referring to, Indian Idol, he said that when he was judging, one of the contestants on that show sadly won the music reality show just because he was able to impress people with his words. . Still, I would say that it is the personal opinion of a person who to vote for who not. I don’t think anyone is obliged to vote for any contestant.

Note that the show had come into the spotlight recently due to a statement from singer ‘Amit Kumar’. Amit Kumar, son of famous replay singer Kishore Kumar, surprised fans by saying that he was asked to praise contestants on Indian Idol. Following this statement by Amit Kumar, the world of music was divided into two parts and everyone associated with the industry had reacted to this in their own way.

Responding to Amit Kumar’s statement, in the same interview, Javed Ali said that what Amit Kumar said about ‘Indian Idol’ was surprising. Giving his side, Javed said: ‘It has never happened to me. I have always expressed my views honestly. I have always been told not to make your comments false because viewers always know if you are really honest or not.

Now, even though Javed has spoken his mind to the public, there is no doubt that what is true will come out one day or another. The point is straight and clear as a mirror. For 11 seasons, we continued to think that Indian Idol valued talent.

But now that season 12 has passed and with each passing day, the contestants’ relationship or personal life has been shown on the show. He has come to realize that when it comes to TRP, emotions are used as weapons and there are many things behind the scenes that are unsettling.

Be it the talk by Amit Kumar or the talk by singer Javed Ali, who was the judge of the show, all the confusion has been cleared up and the shameful face of this show has been laid out in front of us. It’s not just about Indian Idol. You catch any reality show and you see they are all frogs in the pond. Many times you must have seen yourself that the performance was a couple of pennies, but the judges did such a thing that the whole game was turned upside down.

We do not criticize any reality shows or claim that the shows are fake. We’re just saying that when the race is to get the maximum TRP then the format has to be compromised because everyone is naked in this Mayanagari hammam.

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