Insult to the speaker; 12 BJP MLA Banned for a Year in Maharashtra


  • The opposition leader said the government’s accusations were false
  • No entry to the legislature
  • The ban is for one year.

Mumbai: Twelve BJP MLAs have been banned in Maharashtra for a year for allegedly misbehaving to the Speaker. The MLAs were suspended for allegedly insulting and assaulting the speaker.

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“These are false accusations from the government. OBC is willing to sacrifice more than a dozen MLAs for reserves.” Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis said.

There was a huge uproar in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly on Monday over allegations that the president did not allow him to speak on the OBC reservation. The speaker dismissed the meeting in protest. After this, opposition MLAs came to his hut and behaved rudely and assaulted him, the speaker said.

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MLAs are prohibited from entering the Assembly premises during suspension. Devendra Fadnavis said the allegations against the MLA were false and that there were no incidents of abuse or trespassing.

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