International Day of Older People 2021 – Today is World Aging Day – let’s join hands with the experienced ones, understanding the care and support necessary for older people.


  • Let us pay tribute to those who walked before us, today is the day of old age.
  • But it is important to understand how much care and attention the elderly receive.

Aging is a necessity and no one can stop or reject it. Old age is another island on the road of life where the good moments of life change and everyone arrives. The sun is behind the shadow and cold that we experience today, so it is the responsibility of the new generation to provide support and shade to the elderly who have entered the night of life. On this day of celebration of World Aging Day, let’s try to support those who worked behind our growth and are now heading towards the ravages of old age.

Representing the green reality of the new age is another. There is even a situation where the elderly are considered useless and abandoned in many places. The number of people who leave their responsibilities and duties in nursing homes or similar places is not small. One can only hope that a new day of old age will form in everyone’s mind on this day of old age.

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First day of old age in 1991:

On December 14, 1990, the United Nations decided to observe October 1 of each year as World Aging Day. The decision was made to commemorate the first anniversary of old age on October 1, 1991. WHO estimates that by 2025, the world’s elderly population will have reached 100 billion. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate new schemes for the care of the elderly.

621 nursing homes:

There are an estimated 621 nursing homes in Kerala under the Department of Social Justice. Most are nursing homes started by organizations but with government assistance. There is something else that is not included in the figures initiated by individuals. A major change in society’s attitude towards the elderly is the emergence of nursing homes, often with commercial interest. It is also necessary to study to what extent the elderly receive care and attention in such areas.

The elderly should be cared for by people who are well trained in geriatric care. There should be special plans to protect their physical and mental health and better facilities to receive essential treatment in nursing homes.

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Geriatric care should include:

Geriatric plans and policies have yet to be formulated in our country. The elderly receive the best consideration in foreign countries. Although there is a law of care for the elderly in India, it has not been raised in practice. If there is to be an attitude of support and assistance to the elderly, it is the government that must first come to the fore.

Although each department has its own branch of study, there is still no single branch of study for geriatric care. Although geriatric care clinics have been established in some places, it should be noted that they are not effective enough. There should be a committee made up of geriatric doctors, nurses, hospice workers and volunteers and the necessary government assistance.

They deserve respect:

Those who have walked before us. His youth was dedicated to supporting the family and the community. Therefore, the new generation must be aware of the need to pay due attention to the elderly. There is often a loss of value in the education and culture of the new generation. If in the past it was largely friendly to the elderly, now it is clear that the perspectives have changed‌. For this reason, it is important to be able to transform children from an early age so that they can see the elderly with respect.

Community responsibility:

The elders were not a burden, but were always guides. Therefore, society has a great responsibility in caring for the elderly. Our society has a good habit of sticking together over many good things. We have reached a stage where we have to start thinking somehow that this kindness will also benefit our elders.

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