International Kissing Day: Interesting story of the first Bollywood kissing scene!

‘Kissing’ means that kissing is a means of showing love. It can be of many types. It can be sweet, sensual, romantic, and vulgar. But one thing that is common to all of them is that it is intimate. There was a time when romance was featured on the big screen through the pairing of two flowers or birds during intimate scenes like ‘kiss scene’ or ‘bedroom scene’ in movies, but today the ‘kiss scene’ ‘has become a necessity in every movie. It already happened. Kissing and intimate scenes are definitely included in the formula for making a movie.

Along with the actors working on the movies about the kissing scene, the audience has also become comfortable. However, the censorship board’s scissors continue to appear in some scenes. Today is the International Kissing Day. On this occasion, we will tell you about the first kissing scene in the history of Indian cinema that was shot before independence. In the year 1933, there was a movie ‘Karma’, in which the famous actress Devika Rani filmed a four-minute kissing scene with her husband Himanshu Rai. At that time in Orthodox India, there was an uproar after seeing this scene on the big screen.

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It was Devika Rani who introduced the film industry to Kohinoor as Dilip Kumar.

Devika Rani is seen as the first heroine of Hindi movies. This actress, who started her career with the movie ‘Karma’, had amused herself in that period with her daring style. In the Indian film industry, he had created a different identity on his own. She represented modern women in the film industry during the 1930-1940s. She was the first successful actress to receive the Dadasaheb Phalke and Padma Shri award. In 1929 she married the Indian film producer Himanshu Rai. They were both nothing less than a golden couple in the eyes of the world.

Record for longest kissing scene

In the year 1933, the film ‘Karma’ produced by Himanshu Rai was the first English talkie made by an Indian. In this, Himanshu and Devika were the lead actor and actress. There is a lot of controversy and a record in the name of this movie. It was the first Indian film in which a kissing scene was filmed. Interestingly, the timing of this kiss scene featured by Himanshu Rai and Devika Rani was 4 minutes, which is a record in Hindi cinema even after almost 90 years. There was a lot of controversy in our country about this at that time. Not only this, Devika Rani was heavily criticized.

King said the need for the movie

Actually, in those days ordinary people did not regard people associated with the world of cinema with respect. Keeping intact the decorum of Indian society, love scenes in movies were absent from the screen. This was the moment when kissing scenes were filmed connecting them with symbolic things. But Devika surprised everyone. Responding to their criticism, Devika Rani had said that those scenes were the film’s demand. The hero is unconscious in this scene. In order for her to come to her senses, the heroine has to lick her lips. It was only after this movie that Devika Rani married Himanshu Rai.

Body double used for scene

By the way, the ease with which the kiss scene is shown and filmed on the big screen today was not so easy a decade ago. Afterwards, actresses used to prepare to shoot kissing scenes with great difficulty. Since the audience has been considering the kiss scenes of the movies as something valuable, it gradually became an obligation for the filmmakers. Most of the kissing scenes in movies are actually filmed. But if any actor or actress is opposed to giving such scenes, then the creators also use the body double for this. In such a situation, the demand of the story is fulfilled in another way.

An interesting anecdote from the kiss scene.

There is also a very interesting anecdote related to this. It’s a matter of those days, the director Sooraj Barjatya was shooting the movie ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. In this, Salman Khan and Bhagyashree were in the main roles. A kiss scene would be filmed between these two. But Salaman and Bhagyashree refused to kiss. After this, Sooraj Barjatya came up with an idea. He put a mirror between Salman and Bhagyashree. They both kissed that mirror. In this way the scene was shot without kissing. In this way, these experiments were also carried out in many other films.

Watch the first kissing scene in the history of Indian cinema in the video …

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