Irfan’s latest work will now be seen! The actor had passed away before completing the web series.

Amazon Prime Video announced several shows and new seasons early last year. One of them was the ‘Gormint’ web series. All eyes were on Gormint because of Irrfan Khan. In 2020 other shows arrived according to the schedule but nothing was heard from Gormint. Gormint has been waiting for the broadcast for almost two years. Now there are reports that Prime Video may launch its exclusive show soon. A powerful actor like Manav Kaul has worked on Gormint. Amol Palekar is also in a cameo. Gormint is created by AIB for Prime Video.

Gormint’s story is quite interesting. Actually, it is a political satire. At the 2018 India Today Conclave, AIB members Tanmay Bhatt and Roshan Joshi spoke about the series. He said that the series’ story centers on a Bollywood movie star who enters politics and later becomes a minister in the cabinet of the Central Government. Minister of Culture. In the series, government activities, especially relations with neighboring countries, have been mocked. Satyr also talks about the bureaucrats who work under the government. The Hindi newspaper Dainik Bhaskar has said in a report that the publishing process of ‘Gormint’ has sped up.

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Done-Done, so why couldn’t Gormint stream like other shows

Last year, Gormint was also on the Prime Video launch plan. But shows like Mirzapur, Family Man, Bandish Bandit, Breathe, In Side Edge, Tandav and Paatallok came along, but nothing was heard from Gormint. Tandav and Patallok also remained in political controversies. There was a lot of controversy about Tandav. Since Gormint’s story was based directly on a political issue, Prime Video feared that new political controversies could start over the show. In view of the situation, it was decided to arrest Gormint. Now that a long time has passed, efforts have begun to launch it.

Why Irfan-Manav Kaul’s Gormint is special

The most important feature is that the name of Irfan Khan must be associated. In a way, Gormint is Irfan’s last work to be published before his death. Gormint has 9 episodes. Irrfan was only able to do three episodes. After this, his work was left incomplete after the first illness and treatment and then after his death. After Irrfan’s death, Manav Kaul played the role of Minister of Culture. It remains to be seen how the creators have taken on Irrfan’s work in all three episodes and how Manav Kaul’s entry into the story is made.

Gormint has been in controversy since its inception.

From the beginning, Gormint remained stuck in some kind of obstacle. The project started a long time ago. But for the first time he was followed by Meitu. In fact, a woman accused the writer of the series Gursimran Khambha of misconduct. Khamba was also a co-founder of AIB. He was removed from the Gormint team after the controversy. Three episodes were subsequently filmed when Irfan’s serious illness was detected. He had to leave the country for treatment. He was away for several weeks. When Irfan returned, he completed half of English.

Before the release of English Medium, AIB also made a promotional video for Irrfan’s film titled Ek Dank Irfan. This video became very popular. But unfortunately, before the actor could return to the sets of AIB’s Gormint, his health deteriorated and he passed away. Later, Manav Kaul was elected to the post of Minister of Culture. How Manav has been replaced in Irfan’s place is something to be seen. Somehow, when filming for Gormint was completed, there was a political uproar on some Prime Video shows. The controversy shocked Prime Video actors and a decision was made to postpone the Gormint release. Now that everything looks good, the program is in the process of launching. Gormint’s show runner is Gursimran Khambha.

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