Is Brahmastra early booking a scam? The show was full a day ago, why not make that reservation now?

If the earnings figures of ‘Brahmastra’ made on a budget of over Rs 400 crore are counted, if it is considered correct, then this movie has definitely become a straw that broke the camel’s back of the sinking of Bollywood. In very difficult times. However, a great debate has arisen regarding the alleged ‘advance booking and false profits’ of Brahmastra. There is also no shortage of scammers. Some of the viewers who saw the film stated that when they had booked tickets to see the film, the occupancy of the shows in the respective multiplexes was around 80-90 percent. But when he put his hand inside with the ticket, other circumstances were seen. Spectator capacity was seen at up to 50 percent. Whether the content of the movie is good or bad, it has its place. Despite this, such social media experiences are calling into question the business side of the film.

Some such reports have also been seen where, without mentioning theaters, it has been claimed that the audience broke up to see Brahmastra. In what cinema? I don’t know. It was even said that the performances should take place at 2:30 p.m. The demand was so high that the exhibition was even held at 5:30 in the morning. Alia Bhatt, the second leading star of Brahmastra alongside Ranbir Kapoor, has made the same claim. ab Y Bhaskar Related news can be read in the report. This means that there were situations like Border, Dangal and Sultan in theaters regarding Brahmastra. Another thing is that for Brahmastra, the audience stormed into the theaters, but there is not as much current among the audience as seen for Bollywood blockbusters.

There is hardly any talk about the film in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. The dominance of the film is counted in cities like Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Bangalore. Whatever the positive reports about the film collection, they are said to come from the large national chain of overseas multiplexes. Since the theaters are not mentioned in the above reports, iChowk is unable to do a reality check of the respective theaters to see how it is on Monday and Tuesday compared to Saturday and Sunday. Despite this, we tried to figure things out by doing reality checks of a few Delhi NCR movie theaters as a sample. What was found in the reality check will be discussed later. But before that, let’s talk a bit about the business and trends of movies.

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Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are a couple in Brahmastra.

What does the commercial trend of the box office say?

Except for public campaign films such as The Kashmir Files, the collection of the best films released on Friday usually shows a slight decrease on the second day. Sometimes it also seems to increase. As in Brahmastra. While the films with the best collection earn tremendously on Sundays. After this, there is a slight downturn in the movie business on Monday. Movie business like Sultan, Dangal, KGF has been weak on weekdays compared to weekends. There is a decrease of at least 25 to 40 percent. This is the average trend. In the earnings figures shared by the filmmakers of Brahmastra, the film appears to be skyrocketing from Friday to Sunday. Early booking was also similar.

How empty were the Housefull theaters in one day?

Now the question is, how did the pre-booking of the movie which was seen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in cities like Delhi NCR suddenly drop on Monday? When iChowk looked at advance bookings for Monday and Tuesday at PVR, Carnival and other national chains, a strong downward trend was seen. The occupancy of the morning shows was only 20 percent. While at later shows he also remained modest. Even in the main display at night, the same surat-e-hal can be seen. Below you can see the booking of different shows both at the multiplexes on 12th September on PVR and at Carnival in Sector 18, the prime location of Noida. Now it’s hard to digest why and how the film Housefull became the victim of a bad condition on the first day of the week a day ago.

What is even more interesting is seen on September 13 on Carnival and other large national chains. A pattern is visible that casts further doubt on Brahmastra’s early booking. When iChowk checked the advance reservations for the carnival on BookMyShow on September 13, about 11 seats in a row in the first row were reserved. In some shows from the right and in others from the left. in the same line. A similar pattern of five-five seats is then also seen. This math is beyond comprehension that viewers who watched Brahmastra on the show from morning to night have booked tickets in the same pattern. Exactly on the same line. Can this happen? It may be so. The carnival may have reserved these tickets for some reason. If you are reading this, you can check this pattern for yourself at different Carnival shows in Noida. You can also see early booking for today’s date.


pvrToday’s programs are completely empty.

carnivalThere is a wonderful pattern to the carnival.



Isn’t that ‘business fodder’ to woo the audience? It has been seen many times that filmmakers try to sell even bad content through their box office and viewership figures (OTT content). For example, you can take the very recent business of ‘Liger’. Dharma Productions had said that Liger earned more than Rs 33 crore on the first day and the film was taken as a success. While Liger was also half way through extracting the 50 crore lifetime collection. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with that. Why would a producer say that his film’s profits are low?

If work began on the second part of Brahmastra without delay, then understand that the film has gained a lot.

A day earlier, iChowk had made a report based on ongoing discussions about early booking on social media. What came out in general in the report was that the audience was attracted through early booking. There is no doubt that a good collection attracts the audience to watch the movie. All the ‘absolute’ journalists who went to see Brahmastra also criticized Karan Johar’s film in balanced language. after seeing. These journalists were neither film critics nor supporters of Boycott Bollywood. What is true or false, the creators of Brahmastra would know better. But bookings for Monday and Tuesday give a clear indication that the film will now make a nominal profit.

Karan Johar should be happy that his Brahmastra earned more than Rs 200 crore in the first three days. What would be a bigger problem for Bollywood, which is facing general difficulties? The rest will keep talking. They cannot be stopped. Karan Johar’s job is to continue making movies like Brahmastra. All debate aside, but in the near future, if Karan Johar is starting work on a successful franchise like Brahmastra right away, then let’s assume his movie has made a lot of money. If he is lying down, it should be understood that there is something black in the lentils.

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