Is Emperor Prithviraj of Akshay a cheap Padmavat? This is what trailer 2 of the movie tells!

June 3 is a normal date but Bollywood is staring at it. ‘Samrat Prithviraj’, made at a cost of around Rs 300 million, opens in theaters. Akshay and Manushi have lead roles in the film. Actors like Sonu Sood, Ashutosh Rana, Sanjay Dutt are also important for the movie. The film is a period drama film in which the filmmakers have tried to bring the heroism of Prithviraj Chauhan to the screen. The movie is a huge success, so the promotion of the movie is going on. And perhaps this is the reason why the creators have released the second trailer for Samrat Prithviraj. After this second trailer for the film, the question is whether the efforts of the filmmakers regarding the film were successful or will be. The answer might hurt Akshay’s fans.

As soon as we see the trailer for Samrat Prithviraj, we understand that this movie is a cheap copy of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavat movie which was released in 2018. Affordable because Shahid Kapoor still looked like a king in Padmavat. But when we see Akshay Kumar in Prithviraj, we doubt whether King Maharaja was like that in ancient times.

It is better to see the man Prithviraj take some time and see Padmavat again

No, we have no feud with Akshay Kumar. We’re also not running any agenda against the movie. When we watch the second trailer for the film, from the costumes to the location and from the acting to the look, there is nothing to keep us hooked. The greatness we saw in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film is missing in Prithviraj. We watch the 1 minute 39 second ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ trailer simply because it’s on YouTube and it’s free.

Note that Prithviraj Chauhan was included in the form of that king of the Chauhan dynasty whose value and value was his identity. At the same time, Prithviraj Raso has introduced Prithviraj Chauhan as a ‘Rajput’ king. When we study the period when Prithviraj Chauhan was there, then everything becomes clear and it becomes clear that whatever Prithviraj Chauhan may have been, he will never be like Akshay Kumar.

Samrat Prithviraj is a period drama film. A great feature of these types of movies is hooking the audience while keeping them hooked. When we look at Samrat Prithviraj and his trailer, the way it was shot, there are a lot of little things that went wrong. And if the movie flops in the near future, these things will act as catalysts.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie Padmavat is mentioned. So when we see Bhansali’s Padmavat, it is found that before making the movie of him, Bhansali did a good research and fully attended to the finer details. Prithviraj is only nineteen years from Padmavat in this matter,

How important is it to engage the audience in any period film? If we want to look at this question, we can turn to any Hollywood period movie like Troy, 300, King Arthur, Alexander, Hercules. In such movies, whether it is the story or the appearance and casting of the character, everything involving the audience is taken care of. If you watch such a movie over and over again, you will find it new and you will definitely not get bored.

The way in ‘Emperor Prithviraj’, Prithviraj Chauhan is shown waving sword and shield in saffron safa and white kurta pajamas, that is the culmination of the cliche. After all, why don’t the creators understand that because of these things, the audience has become terribly boring now? The audience wants that if they’re watching a war movie on the screen, then there should be war in it and nationalism should be maintained as long as necessary.

The way a movie made about historical figures in a body like India is like a movie made before that, it also causes a lot of problems for the audience. Since Akshay’s upcoming movie ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ has been mentioned, either trailer one or trailer 2 of the movie, it is better for a person to watch Bhansali’s movie on OTT. At least the movie will keep them hooked and they will also realize that if the movie showed a war, then it is a war of grace and not a fake gimmick of war and love.

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