Is it okay to take a fake load? Arjun-Malaika will not marry

Even though the goal is to make inroads of ourselves and the show among ordinary people, but Karan Johar is aware of the nature of ordinary people. Arjun Kapoor, who arrived with Sonam Kapoor in Koffee With Karan Season 7, asked all kinds of questions. When he got the chance, he also asked when he will marry his girlfriend Malaika Arora. Karan’s question was the same one we probably have in mind. What was Arjun’s response to the question? Before we say anything about that, we have to understand that big people don’t have horns like this, however, they are different. Their style, habits, hobbies are completely different from ordinary people. What is in us? Studying, becoming something, doing a job… Only after doing this do the elders in our homes hold us accountable. Then one day we got married. The scale of our success is also very strange. The money deposited in the bank or the number of our children determines whether we are successful or not. Well, because our lifestyle revolves around these middle class things, our questions are also middle class. Our worries aside, we are eager to learn that if Arjun and Malaika, many years older than him, are together, why don’t they get married?

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Arjun Kapoor shouldn’t be surprised by Malaika’s marriage revelations

Should we really bother with this question? The answer is no? Marriage is not child’s play. And if Arjun and Malaika aren’t getting married, that’s fine too. Whether it is Arjun or Malaika, it is necessary to live together in the environment from which they come, from society, from the world of glitter. They don’t need a marriage like yours to be together. So, if we carry the burden of their marriage on our shoulders, then it can hardly be called anything more than nonsense.

The rest is because the wedding is underway, so it is almost impossible for everything to be green at the wedding. The situation may seem different in the early years of marriage, but as age increases and the bond of marriage ages, the situation changes. In such a situation, we do some things out of compulsion to show time rather than hobby. When those things don’t happen to us, then the little things become the cause of the tension and then the situation comes as love, slaps or divorce happens.

The question is, whether you are a woman or a man, is our society comfortable with divorce? The answer to this question is given to us by our conditioning. Arguments can be given to entertain the mind, but in the society we live in, from a divorced woman to a man, we are not seen with good eyes, while when we enter the world where people like Arjun and Malaika come from. There it is normal. If it wasn’t done, then it wouldn’t have been done, there wouldn’t have been an air of this thing.

However, when Arjun was discussed on Karan’s show, when Karan asked Arjun about marrying Malaika, Arjun said very clearly that he has no plans to marry Malaika at the moment.

Taking his position on the question, Arjun said that to be honest, there was a block for two years, I wanted to focus on my career. I want to see where I am getting to. I am a very realistic person. Not that he has anything to hide.

At the same time, Arjun also emphasized that I want to be more stable professionally. I’m not talking about being financially stable, but I’m talking about being emotionally stable. I want to do that kind of work, which makes me happy. Because if I am happy, I will keep my partner happy too. I feel like I get a lot of happiness from my work.

In his interview with Karan, Arjun also admitted that his family is happy and supportive of Malaika and their relationship. Arjun said: My family has made it easy. He said: there is nothing wrong with this. You don’t need to think much.

Even though Arjuna has done his part. But what we must consider is the concept of happiness. Arjun is being happy with Malaika, both he and Malaika are free from unnecessary entanglements. The theme is because happiness. What is less is that both of them are together and are happily together.

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