Is Jacqueline Fernandez so innocent that she couldn’t understand Mahathug Sukesh’s plans?

“Think about how innocent she was, what to do with what she sees”… This song from the movie ‘Batti Gul Meter Chalu’, released in 2018, is doing very well for Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez right now. When she was making ashes with the money of a thug, she at that time she did not understand where that money came from. Even when she accepted expensive gifts, she did not understand what the intentions of the giver were. Today when she makes the rounds of the ED and EOW office. She sat in front of the investigating agency officers, answering questions all day, she then realized that she had made a mistake. Now she is becoming innocent. She tells herself that she is unaware of Sukesh’s deception. But now the secret has been exposed. Her relationship with Sukesh has come to the fore. Only the investigative bodies want to go to the root of the crimes of the actress and her friend.

In this regard, the Economic Crimes Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police has questioned Jacqueline Fernandez for a long time. The actress had arrived at the EOW office in Delhi from Mumbai for questioning in the Rs 200 crore money laundering case related to Mahathug Sukesh Chandrashekhar. She there she has been asked more than 100 questions in her 8-hour interrogation. With him was also present Pinky Irani, through which the actress came into contact with the Mahathug. Both were questioned separately. During this, Jacqueline was unable to answer many questions correctly. The investigating agency was not satisfied with her response, so he has been called back for questioning. Along with this, he has also been asked to make a list of the gifts given by Sukesh. From ED and EOW’s ongoing investigation and questioning, it is certain that the role of the actress in this scam game is also doubtful.

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Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is being continuously questioned in the Rs 200 crore money laundering case.

There are many people in India who are influenced by actresses and artists like Jacqueline Fernandez. Even her life partner wants the same as him. But the truth is that these great actresses are attracted to branded clothing. Attracted by money. Attracted by expensive electronic gadgets. There is value for your appearance, nature, honesty and hard work. After all, why didn’t Jacqueline try to find out where Sukesh’s money came from? She wouldn’t have even asked him a question about it. It is said that Jacqueline came with Sukesh’s words because whenever there was a video call between them, he used to wear expensive and branded clothes. The actress felt that this person is a lot of money. They should make a deep friendship with this. In this way, she only showed her money in Sukesh.

Actress attracted to expensive and branded clothes and gadgets

In the statement made by Jacqueline Fernandez to the ED, she herself had said that every time she spoke with Sukesh, he was seen in different clothes. All his clothes were very expensive and brand name. He always had an iPhone and an iPod too. When she spoke to Sukesh on the phone for the first time, she told him that he is a big arms dealer, that he has his own coal mines and that he owns a big jewelry brand. He also has a 50 percent stake in the Leela Hotel in Chennai. But she Jacqueline turned out to be so innocent that she easily believed all the lies of the big bully. Now this innocence is shown in front of the investigating agencies. She says that he himself is a victim. He was tricked by this criminal. But on the other hand, the investigating agencies believe that Jacqueline knew all about this person’s dishonesty.

7 million rupees spilled like water in 7 months of friendship

According to the ED, in June 2021, Jacqueline met a famous film writer, after which he asked her to write a film for her. In return, that item had asked him for Rs 15 lakh. This money was deposited into that writer’s bank account by the tycoon Sukesh at Jacqueline’s behest. Not only this, Sukesh had gifted the actress with a 50 lakh horse named Spur and cats worth Rs 9-9 lakh. In addition to these, 3 designer Gucci bags, 2 Gucci gym clothes, a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes, two pairs of diamond earrings, a ruby ​​bracelet, two Hermes bracelets and a Mini Cooper car were given away. Between February 2021 and August 2021, that is, in just seven months, she poured 7 million rupees like water on Jacqueline. Of these, the jewellery, expensive watches, shoes and paintings alone were worth around 6 million rupees. Apart from this, Jacqueline’s sister living in America got a car worth Rs.1.25 crore and her parents living in Bahrain received gifts worth Rs.2 crore separately. In this way, the actress was directly taking goods instead of cash.

Mahout Sukesh, who dropped out of high school, used to cheat this way

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, 33, is a resident of Bangalore. He is a high school dropout. The ED has described him as a highly intelligent criminal and con artist. This person is alleged to have swindled more than a thousand people out of Rs 500 crore in the last 15 years. During this, he sometimes used to trick people by becoming an IAS officer and sometimes he used to call himself the grandson of former Tamil Nadu Prime Minister and late leader M. Karunanidhi. Between 2007 and 2017, he cheated on many celebrities, but he committed the biggest dishonesty in the year 2020, when he was housed in a jail in Delhi. At the time, Shivinder Mohan Singh, the former owner of Ranbaxy, one of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies, was also jailed in a financial riot case. Sukesh felt that he could easily cheat on his wife. He then called the businessman’s wife from jail and introduced himself as the Legal Secretary of the Government of India.

Was Jacqueline Fernandez making a fortune with the recovery money?

After this, she said that the central government wants to set up a prevention panel on Covid and her husband will also be given a place in it. That’s why the government has decided that she will help her husband get her out on bail. Between June 2020 and 2021, the wife of the former Ranbaxy owner bribed this notorious criminal Rs 200 crore, sometimes with party funds and sometimes under some other name. When the ED became suspicious of this transaction, this whole thing came to light. Following this, this case was registered by the Economic Crimes Wing of the Delhi Police. In this, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is being questioned. Now the question is if Jacqueline was doing Ash with the recovery money. Was Sukesh really aware of Chandrashekhar’s crore fraud? Is Jacqueline’s claim that she was unaware of Sukesh’s fraud false? Let’s see how long it takes to answer the questions.

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