Is The Marriage Of ‘The Family Man’ Of ‘List’ Illegal? Husband Mustafa’s first wife filed a case

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  • Priyamani and Mustafa Raje got married in August 2017.
  • Mustafa’s first wife claims to have remarried without divorce and is a bachelor in court.
  • Mustafa said, “I got divorced from Ayesha in 2013, the allegations against me are false.”

A controversy has erupted over the marriage of South Indian film actress Priyamani, who is starring in ‘The Family Man’. Priyamani was married to Mustafa Raj in August 2017. Mustafa’s first wife Ayesha has challenged this marriage in court. Ayesha claims that Mustafa and Priyamani’s marriage is illegal. According to Ayesha, Mustafa and his divorce did not take place with the validity of the law and he had already married his girlfriend.

Mustafa and Ayesha have two children. Ayesha has also accused Mustafa of domestic violence. Both the cases are in Magistrate Court. It may be mentioned that Priyamani is a star in the southern film industry and has done a remarkable job in the Hindi web series ‘The Family Man’ starring Manoj Bajpayee.

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Our correspondent ETimes got in touch with Ayesha but she did not deny the news. He said, “Mustafa’s marriage to me is still valid. The marriage of Mustafa and Priyamani is illegal. We have not filed a divorce case and he declared himself bachelor in the court while marrying Priyamani.”

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Our correspondent ETimes, on the other hand, got in touch with Mustafa and he declined to comment. At first she refused to speak on the phone, but denied the allegations when she was told the report was about to be published. Mustafa said, “The allegations against me are false. I pay child support regularly to Ayesha. She is doing all this to get more money from me.”

Mustafa further said, “Ayesha and I have been living separately since 2010 and we got divorced in 2013. I married my girlfriend in 2017. Then why Ayesha remained silent for so many years?” According to Ayesha, she kept quiet for four years because Mustafa kept using her.

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She said, “I am a mother of two children, what should I do? You want to settle the situation peacefully but when things turn bad you have to act. She is taking advantage of my silence now.”

According to the ITimes report, Mustafa repeatedly insisted that the report should not be aired. On the other hand, Mustafa’s lawyer Purnima Bhatia has confirmed that Ayesha has filed a case against Mustafa and Priyamani. He said, “Yes, I am fighting Mustafa’s case. I am still working on the matter formally. However, the matter is still pending. I do not know whether I will be involved in this case in future or not. ” Naturally, if Poornima drops the case, Mustafa will find a new lawyer for himself.

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