Is the show really scripted? Will Mika Singh marry a friend of 10 years?

A wild card entry in ‘Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti’ airing on Star Bharat and Disney Plus Hotstar OTT platform has surprised everyone. After this new entry, not only the contestants already present on the reality show are upset, but the audience is also very surprised. The name of the new contestant is Akanksha Puri, who is a model and actor by profession. He has been close to Mika Singh for a long time. The two have been friends for about 10 years. Even the photos of the engagement wedding and the news of both have also come to light. In such a situation, Akanksha’s sudden arrival on this reality show is confirming those fears, in which things have been said about the show’s script.

You often hear about the secret marriage of celebrities belonging to the film industry. There are many such stars, who did not go public with this even after marriage, because they were afraid of losing their stardom. This is the reason why after a long time the news of their marriage is made public by them. Mika Singh is also not beyond these possibilities. She is also a celebrity. There is a lot of craziness in youth, especially among girls. In such a situation, she may have deliberately refused after the engagement. Now since her swayamvara is happening. In such a situation, he will actually get married or cheat on the audience after participating in the show as Rakhi Sawant.

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Akanksha can marry

By the way, the way Akanksha Puri has had an explosive entrance, the chances of her marrying Mika Singh seem more powerful. On the show, singer Shaan introduces Akanksha to all the contestants and tells them that he and Mika have been friends for 10 years. Much has been said in the media about their relationship. She is now being given a wildcard entry into this show. Hearing this, the faces of the rest of the contestants lower. After this, Akanksha says on stage, “There will only be one queen of Raji, that’s why I’m here.” Similarly, in one place, Mika asks her if she would like to stay in her swayamvar. On this, Akanksha says: “I have come to live in life, not in your swayamvara.”

Discussion of marriage with Neet Mahal

However, in the episodes shown so far, a Punjabi contestant’s name is at the top for marriage. Neet Mahal, a Punjabi resident of Chandigarh, has performed very well since the beginning of Swayamvar. Mika has become close to Singh due to his sweet talk and excellent skills. Neet is said to be a model of the present. He has worked with Mika on many music videos. Because of this, both of them already know each other very well. In Swayamvar, both of them have the opportunity to unite once again. Taking full advantage of this, politics has not even left an opportunity to impress the singer. Mika is very impressed by her cooking skills.

Do you know who is Akanksha Puri?

Born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Akanksha Puri is a model and actor by profession. He started his career with the Tamil movie ‘Alex Pandit’. It was released in the year 2013. After this, he worked in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada movies. His 8 Cine Sur films have been released. After this, CID participated in seasons 13 and 15 of Bigg Boss as a guest. Apart from this, he has also worked on many music albums by Jubin Nautiyal, Shrey Singhal, Palak Muchhal and Yasar Desai. He also has a small role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie ‘Calendar Girl’ released in 2015, but has failed to carve out a special place for himself in Hindi cinema.

That’s the story of this show.

Looking at the history of shows like ‘Swayamvar’, it was already predicted that everything is going to be written here. Mika will marry a predetermined girl in this show or renegotiate the promise as Rakhi Sawant or divorce later as Rahul Mahajan. Rakhi is the greatest example. She left the boy who had chosen his partner shortly after the show. Rahul got married during the show, but after a few months the news came that he too was divorced. He is now Mika’s turn. But the script for him seems to be written differently. He can happen to marry with great fanfare his girlfriend of 10 years with the channel’s money.

reality show is not real

All kinds of reality shows are currently being broadcast on television in the country. This includes drama, singing, dancing, comedy, and reality shows like Swayamvar. But controversial shows like Bigg Boss have spoiled the reality show name. Reality shows like sing and dance have more drama than sing and dance. The judges of such shows are seen shedding tears or laughing unnecessarily. Remember Neha Kakkar and Himesh Reshammiya, looking at them, it seems that they are actors, not singers. Everything is predetermined there, who will say what, who will react. So what kind of reality show? People like Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant complete their work by organizing their swayamvars.

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