Is there more than despair? That’s; Fans against the Indian star !!

Will Cheteshwar Pujara be transferred to the reserve bank of India at the end of the tour of England? The star, who remains in disrepair, faces strong criticism from fans. He hasn’t played safe since hitting Lord’s. Feeling like he could be out at any moment, he was eventually eliminated by James Anderson. Pujara, who came back with 9 of 23 balls, scored just 4 runs in the first innings of Trent’s bridge test. He hit a little better with 12 runs in the second inning, but couldn’t keep hitting because rain stopped the game. Pujara’s defensive hitting helped India on the Australian tour. There are those who even doubt that Pujara will be on the team for the next Test as he worries that he will not be able to find a consistent form. The 33-year-old’s number three position is no longer considered safe.

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People like KL Rahul have cemented their place on the team with brilliant performances. People like Suryakumar Yadav are waiting. Prithviraj Shah is ready to return. In this situation, the only way for Pujara to stay on the team is to regain his hitting form.

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