Is this Union Minister of India a citizen of Bangladesh?

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“Congratulations to the victorious son of Harinathpur” – This is a congratulatory note from a Bangladesh Facebook page when Nishit Pramani was sworn in as the new Union Minister of India.

Behind the stall is the Pujar Mela, a local religious organization. It was from this Facebook post that the problems and controversies around the citizenship of the BJP leader and the new Union minister, Nishit Pramanik, began in West Bengal.

The country’s main opposition party, Congress, and later the ruling Trinamool Congress in Bengal, have questioned Pramanik’s citizenship.

The 35-year-old from West Bengal has been sworn in as the youngest Minister of State of the Union for Home Affairs and Youth in the country.

Pramanik came to the Lok Sabha from the Bengal constituency of Dinauhata.

West Bengal Education Minister Pratibha Basu and Indranil Sen have once again debated the issue of Union ministerial citizenship. Ripun Bora, a deputy in the Assam Congress and chairman of the Assam State Congress, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week questioning Nishit’s Bangladeshi citizenship.

The letter said that it was doubtful whether a foreign national would become a Union minister and that a detailed investigation into his place of birth was needed.

Who is Nishit Pramanik?

According to the personal information in the Lok Sabha records of MP Nishit Pramanik, he was born in Dinhata in the Kutch-Bihar district of West Bengal. He also graduated in computer applications.

But according to a previous Facebook post, Nishit was born in Harinathpur, inside the Palasbari Police Station in the Gaibandha District of Bangladesh. Furthermore, on the day he was sworn in as Union Minister, the people of Velakoppa celebrated the occasion by distributing sweets.

After the incident went viral, the Bangladesh Daily Star went to the village and spoke with his relatives.

According to them, Nishit’s father, Bidu Bhushan Pramanik, emigrated to India in 1968 before the partition of Bangladesh. His three brothers still live in the town of Velakoppa.

Later, the issue was taken up by Congress and Trinamool. “The news that our Union Minister may be a foreign citizen is literally shocking,” said West Bengal Tourism Minister Indranil Sen. He added that this would pose a serious challenge to India’s internal security.

This is not the first time that Nishit Pramanik has been embroiled in controversy. Pramanik, a former deputy from the Trinamool Congress from Kutch Bihar in West Bengal, had defected to the BJP just before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. According to a report by India Today, Pramanik’s name and images are not on the list. of ministers of the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Union.

He is charged in several criminal cases, including murder, and his educational credentials have already been questioned by Trinamool leaders on several occasions.

But the BJP is also struggling to defend itself against allegations that Nishit’s citizenship is being questioned. West Bengal BJP spokesman Sramik Bhattacharya said: “Bring clear evidence without making any accusations against a single person.”


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