Isn’t the thrashing of films like Shamshera a coup for change in Bollywood?

The beating of a third consecutive big budget Bollywood movie in the form of Shamshera shows that time, mind or trend is something that is changing. The creative expectation of the Bollywood mainstream ended many years ago. This statement is true for the most part, but not in the movies that have been regularly released. If you ever say anything about the story of a movie, about the authenticity, then the condition of the bees is after the stone that lay in the hive. Shahrukh, Salman, Ranbir, Deepika, Ananya Alan Phalan fans stand, no no, and this is Bollywood, watch entertainment without thinking. Surprisingly, most creativity-conscious Indians are limited to watching movies and listening to music.

Shamshera’s beating has shattered many myths related to Bollywood

In such a situation, if cheesy bad-head movies and bumblebee music are hits on the charts, then the mind of common Hindustan is revealed. So are our entertainment standards really that low, or was it just not an option for the average Indian until now?

theater without research

A period drama or fictional character in Bollywood is a director worth counting on the finger to make a drama from a particular time period. These films call for research and time will have to be spent on research. Then we will have to take care of the treatment of the film, its language, the background music, the narrowness of the story and all these parts of the film will have to be cooked together so that it comes out beautiful. But where and if there is time for research, then God knows what research people do. The recent Shamshera probably also fell victim to the lack of this research.

The characters, outfits, and feel of the 1897 film were scattered. What is the reason why we are reluctant to make Well Research movies? We have given up creativity with the intention of making a mass production of films by releasing four films of the year. It is important to understand that the movie will not be different by saying “The movie is different.”

character vs hero

Larger than life – this is the image of our heroic heroines. In such a situation, the glimpse of the hero is often found in the mask of the character he plays. There are very few characters in which the hero is remembered only as a character. Some heroes never play any character, they just appear in their form, be it Prem or Rahul – you’ve heard the name and want to hear it over and over again. But this can’t happen to everyone and it can’t happen all the time.

Every Ranbir character has a hint of ‘Bunny’. In this case, the heroine was more successful in molding herself into the characters. Since 2020, especially with the arrival of OTT in the hall, the public has understood the shame of understanding the character and seeing the artist, maybe that is why, if he is called by the name of Kaleen Bhai, it will be understood that Pankaj Tripathi is talking about. Jeetu Bhaiya, Guddu, Family Man, just these words remind the character and the story. This magic will not reach the Bollywood box until the artist leaves the star!

Humor vs Humor

We Indians are very fussy about humor, we like jokes as long as their subject is something else, but the needle turns towards us, which works out well for us. The true meaning of humor itself seems to us to be the double meaning of jokes told in the spirit of humiliation or obscenity of others. Sexist jokes on behalf of the husband, the wife or the man and the woman are also very funny.

This is why stand-up comedy as well as movies where there are a few characters stuck in a situation in the name of the story and heroines dressed in metric clothing for glamor and supporting characters unnecessarily hitting double mining auctions , these are We have kept the limits of the scope of our humor.

straying from the topic – fear of taking risks

Even in the most recent flop film Shamshera, the audience remained confused as to whether the film was about castism or fighting the British or something. ‘Bunny’ battles the British set in 1897! Researched topics are raised why mashallah shakl surat hai sure love story: play breakup story! At the same time, another movie ‘Jug Jug Jio’ was seen, which surely many people would not have seen, presenting an important sensitive topic by making fun of him.

After all, why can’t we better showcase divorce in a love story or mature relationship? Young couples decide to separate due to not understanding the relationship or because of their very different mood from each other and while living together for 35 years, a couple also decides to separate. The theme is daring and, although it has become a common anecdote in society, the film was left with the hope that in just six months, the film was left with the hope that by showing the man’s extramarital affair as his ‘thak’, for not knowing the relationship and the extramarital affair. The man will seduce his wife again!

Top quality sexist movie that could have been very good if the writer and director hadn’t considered the subject matter as a dumb joke. The old artist who did not see any errors in the story and the author’s thought is at the level of contraction.

People are changing in changing India. The best of the last two years was that good writers, directors came into our homes through OTT and some of the best stories were seen on web series, YouTube. This one is also watching Hindustan World Cinema. If you steal something from somewhere, watch it, because apart from Hollywood, Iranian, Japanese and Korean cinema is also not far from your reach. The so-called factions of Bollywood have to understand that now is the time to change and put some mind in the age of change.

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