Isro spy case 1994: Chari case: Mariam Rasheeda and Fauzia Hassan ask for compensation in the Supreme Court; Isro mariam rasheeda and fauzia hassan spy case reportedly approaching supreme court


  • Both have approached the Supreme Court through the IWC
  • Mariam Rasheeda faces legal action for sexual harassment against Inspector P Vijayan
  • The CBI had filed a petition requesting the cancellation of the advance bail of the defendants in the char conspiracy case.

New Delhi: Mariam Rasheeda and Fauzia Hassan applied for compensation to the Supreme Court in the ISRO scam case. They want Rs 2 crore in compensation from the guilty police officers. Both have approached the Supreme Court through the IWC.

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Mariam Rasheeda has also demanded that a separate case be filed against Police Inspector P Vijayan for sexual harassment in the hostel room.

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The CBI had filed a petition requesting the cancellation of the defendant’s advance bond in the char conspiracy case. It is requested that the claim for compensation be raised when considering this request.

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The move follows a Supreme Court order awarding compensation to Nambi Narayanan, who was jailed in a forgery case. According to the petition, the two were imprisoned for three and a half years without even a trial and their subsequent independent life was hampered.

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The CBI had registered a case against 18 former police officers accused of conspiracy to fabricate the case. Mariam Rasheeda and Fouzia Hassan demanded compensation from these 18 officials.

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The CBI has filed a petition in the Supreme Court requesting the revocation of the advance bond granted to four defendants, including former IB Deputy Director RB Sreekumar. The court will resolve the petition the next day. It is reported that the CBI will inform the court of the need for compensation that day.

Mariam Rasheeda said that the personal animosity of Inspector S Vijayan, who was the investigating officer in the first phase of the case, was the basis of the case and that a separate case should be filed against the officer who misbehaved with her.

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