It is necessary for the public interest to see Nusrat’s ‘published in the public interest’ film!

Bollywood’s biggest problem is that those who earn crores of rupees don’t make good movies because of nepotism. Those who try a different kind of movie while working on the story, that movie doesn’t get the coverage and audience it deserves. Banke Rajkuvar Sa will be tax-free by making a lousy film and dipping it in the syrup of nationalism, but no one notices a very important film. This is one of those movies released in the interest of the public that should not only be seen, but should also be shown as an awareness. In a country with a population of 140 million rupees, it is considered shameless to speak openly about words like sex and condoms. The abortion rate, especially the adolescent abortion data in India, will put you at the crossroads outside the rites, curtains and hijab of all religions.

Nusrat’s film released in public interest, so it should be praised

67% of abortions are unsafe and around 8 women die every day from this. Due to the old habit of ignoring dust under the rug, these problems are common in India even today, the treatment of which was discovered years ago.

Jai Basantu Singh, directed by Jai Basantu Singh, released a very clean family watch movie on this subject and released in public interest. Watching with the family, as long as he has not told his son that the angel who came from heaven with the father’s prayer placed the child on the mother’s lap. In such a situation, even his ancestors would not be able to tell the meaning of Little Umbrella.

You know the director of the movie, Jai Basantu, from the popular series Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Jamai Raja, etc. and you can understand that he is a master in the art of storytelling. The film’s writer Yusuf Ali Khan, Utsav Sarkar, Raaj Shaandilyaa deserves kudos for not letting the issue go anywhere.

The dialogues and situations in the film only add a touch of humor. A joint family remembers the days gone by, as well as the films of the days gone by were also shown linking the problem of the Khan family with the country and society. Yes, until then there was not a layer of dazzle in the world of cinema, so these films used to receive a lot of applause. However, the responsibility for making movies like the OTT content produced today and published in the public interest lies with the viewers.

In the film, a small-town girl works as a sales executive for a condom company, determined to fend for herself. In a society where even men do not ask for it without hesitation and instead of protecting him from all diseases, he only dressed as a pleasure, where this character connects him with the health and protection of women. There is much in the story ahead that draws your attention to the common things seen in society.

The film features a Nushrat Bharucha, Paritosh Tripathi and Anud Singh Dhaka love triangle, where once again the best friend’s heart is broken but the friendship remains intact. You may not see a tall, dark, handsome hero in Paritosh Tripathi’s character of Devi, but life partner tricks are plentiful. There is a lot of spontaneity in a lifelong relationship. It’s refreshing to see the heroine doing her normal job without the love of melodrama and extravagant makeup.

Nushrat Bharucha is in the role of the hero and heroine of the film. The rest are co-stars from ‘Harararki Mein’. Vijay Raaz leads many faces in society. Social respect, the stubbornness of the elders of the house and the patriarchy have included all these faces in themselves.

heroine-centric social film

It’s a matter of thinking that if there is a need for a movie about sanitation or a movie about menstruation it can be tax free stealing praise then why was the movie about the need for condoms ignored considering population control and women’s health? . Or the government, society are stunned to hear this topic from the mouth of a heroine. If so, please grow up!

The absence of a famous face can also be the reason and in such a situation the responsibility of the audience increases. Don’t make nepotism a hashtag, do your duty and make good movies successful. The film faltered in a few places where the editing was lacking and the music is tuneful, but there was little margin left. It is an important film released in the interest of the public, especially in rural India, where even if it is talked about, it is considered shameless to even name it. Watch the movie for the character’s backstory and a fresh honest take.

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