Jaadugar review: Being Amol Palekar is not child’s play, remember this a lot Jitendra

Movie hero… As soon as we see or hear these words, certain concepts are formed in our mind. Some names like Akshay, Shahrukh, Ajay, Salman, Hrithik, Amitabh, Bachchan, Vinod Khanna, Dharmendra come to our consciousness. Even if it’s today’s weather. Or talk about a few decades ago. The trend that has been about movies, we movie lovers consider the hero of the screen to be the one with a jaggery look and style. Who has the best sculpted body but our illusion was shattered when we saw a hero like Amol Palekar enter the screen. Amol didn’t have a very jaggery look nor did he have an attractive body, but despite that, he created a different fan base with his acting, his movies, and his theme selection. Today, a similar situation is the fame of Panchayat Jitendra Kumar. After seeing Jitendra’s performance in the first Kota Factory, then Panchayat and now in Netflix’s recently released Magician movie, Jitendra fans will be sad to learn that a man can become an actor, but he becomes Amol Palekar. .

In terms of performance, as expected of Jitendra, he destroyed all hopes in Magician.

Through a new experiment of the magician released on Netflix, the directors of the production company tried to get married. But because all the responsibility for making the movie a success was on Jitendra’s shoulders, many times Jitendra acts over acting and the movie looks boring. Directed by Sameer Saxena, the plot of ‘Jadugar’ is football, but there was such a love scandal that all football air was left out.

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What is the story of the movie?

As such, the film’s story revolves around MP’s Neemuch and a soccer tournament that is to be held there. But Meenu (Jitendra Kumar), who became a magician in the film, makes no sense in this. He has his own world separate from him, his own dreams of him. In the film, Meenu is shown falling in love with his childhood friend. But Meenu’s nature is such that his girlfriend leaves her. After which Meenu’s heart breaks.

Meanwhile, another girl enters Meenu’s life. The girl is an eye doctor, and in the name of winning her love, Meenu does a lot of things, which he says, when it comes to proving himself in love, it’s not too late for a man to do the worst job.

Meenu is a magician and since he was a child he hates football. Despite this, as shown in the field. It is clear that if the narrator had made a little effort while he was writing the story, the result would have been the same. As we have seen earlier in the two different episodes of Kota Factory and Panchayat in view of Jitendra.

Jitendra has broken the illusion with his performance.

Jitendra Kumar’s treatment of his role in the film, there are some occasions when after seeing Jitendra you will feel that Jitendra is the Amol Palekar of today. But this illusion is broken when the film advances and reaches its end. Now call it the screenwriter’s mistake or Jitendra Kumar’s overconfidence as an actor, movie entertainment is getting less and less boring.

When it was reported that the producers are the casting director Jitendra in Magician. It was expected that, being an unconventional actor, we would see something different from Jitendra, but he did not do anything that should be mentioned and it must be said that Jitendra is a revolutionary actor.

Jadugar, Jitendra Kumar, Netflix, Cinema, Film Criticism, Amol Palekar, Film Industry, Football, LoveThere are many such scenes in the Netflix movie Magician that make you feel bored.

As an actor, Jitendra has to understand that even though his name is sold today. With the strength of Kota Factory and Panchayat, he is compared to all the big players in the OTT world. But because in Magician he has embodied the proverbial ‘Naam Bade and Darshan Chhote’, both the public and the box office will not tolerate this mistake.

Alongside this, Jitendra will also have to come to terms with the fact that no one remembers the stories of movies being made on OTT. In such a situation, a movie like the wizard and the performance of that movie can put him up there as an actor. Where then there is no guarantee that an actor will get a job.

Even though all of Jitendra’s struggle is to become a big screen hero instead of becoming a web series and OTT hero, but the way his acting seems boring, it’s distracting in many ways. In the end, we will end our talk by saying that it is better to focus on Jeetendra’s performance than to copy Amol Palekar. So her sun doesn’t go down before he gets out.

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