Jackie Chan Publicly Apologized When His Son Was Caught, Questions Raised About SRK’s ‘Upbringing’ In Aryan Case

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan will have to spend at least three more days in jail for the drug case on the Mumbai cruise ship. Aryan Khan was taken into the custody of NCB on October 2. He was later sent to judicial custody. His legal team tried to get bail many times, but so far the matter has not been resolved. Today, on the request for bail, the Mumbai court has said that it will decide on October 13. After Aryan Khan’s name came up in the drug case, the whole thing was left up to people’s debate on social media. You see many trends for and against the Aryans. Many reactions are coming.

Interestingly, after Aryan Khan was caught, many users on Twitter constantly question the paternity of Shahrukh and Gauri Khan. In this sense, the comparison of King Khan with Hollywood star Jackie Chan is also being seen. In fact, seven years ago today, Jesse Chan, the son of Action King Jackie Chan, was also caught in a drug case. Like the Aryan case, this one had become a high-profile case in China. In 2014, the Beijing police arrested Jesse Chan on drug charges. Marijuana was recovered from Jesse’s house. At the medical examination, 32-year-old Jesse was found guilty of using prohibited drugs. The names of many more stars were revealed in the investigation and it was also revealed that many celebrities have been coming and going for drugs at Jesse’s house.

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Jackie was the face of the anti-narcotics campaign, embarrassed by the son’s actions

The whole thing was very difficult for Jackie Chan. He also suffered greatly from the capture of the son. In fact, at that time the actor was also an ambassador of the Anti-Narcotics Campaign of the Chinese Police. He actively participated in many campaigns. But when his own son got caught, he came under the target of the people. After the accusations against Jesse, Jackie appeared in front of the media and publicly apologized to the entire world. He had said, “I feel very ashamed.” In a post on social media, he wrote: “I am very angry and ashamed of my son’s actions.” Let us tell you that Jackie Chan’s son Jesse was sentenced to six months in the drug case. In connection with the case, Jesse had promised the court that when he comes out after serving his sentence, he will set an example as an ideal person.

How the Jackie Chan case came into the spotlight after the Aryan case

The case of Jackie Chan’s son is widely shared on social media after the Aryan Khan case. In almost similar cases, people are trying to show that Shahrukh-Gauri’s upbringing is flawed by comparing two actors. So far no statement has come out from Shahrukh in the entire case. But most of the big Bollywood stars have defended Aryan Khan and have also called him innocent. Famous actress Thalaivi Kangana Ranaut shared the matter regarding Jackie Chan’s son in an Instagram story. In the media section, it is considered a state that shows a Shahrukh mirror. Kangana is trying to explain how the roles of two veteran actors look different in similar cases. In the photo card shared by Kangana, the things mentioned above were mentioned. However, there was one more thing. Jackie Chan was quoted as saying that he considered his upbringing to be responsible for the son’s mistake. You can see the post shared by Kangana below.

jackie-chan-2_101121012417.jpgThis card is widely shared on social media.

Kangana had also previously addressed Bollywood stars who defended Aryan Khan in the cruise drug case. After Hrithik Roshan’s reaction came to light, Kangana said in a social post: “Now the entire Pappu mob is coming to Aryan Khan’s rescue. We make mistakes, but we shouldn’t make them proud. I’m sure he will give (Aryan Khan ) a perspective and make him feel the repercussions of his action. I hope he can make him grow and grow. It is true that we should not gossip about anyone when he is in trouble, but it is criminal for us to make him feel that what he did was not wrong. “

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