Jahan Chaar Yaar from Swara Bhaskar: Is abusing and mentioning sex just empowering women?

Bollywood movies aren’t failing because people are boycotting them. The boycott is one of the reasons. But the second biggest and most important reason is that there is no story or acting in the movies. How long will the audience continue to foolishly watch the movie in name only? I haven’t seen any such Hindi movies in the recent past, seeing that, ‘Wow! What movie! Yesterday I saw the trailer for Swara Bhaskar’s upcoming movie Jahan Chaar Yaar. Brother, I have seen the movie ‘Veere Di Wedding’ which is similar to this theme but with a bit more expensive setup. I have also seen ‘Lipstick under my burqa’ on a similar topic. All these movies have the same story. How are women repressed?

Let it be absolutely true that India is a patriarchal country. Poverty is still very high here, illiteracy even higher than that. Now, where there will be illiteracy, how self-sufficient will women or girls be. When women are not independent. If you don’t have financial freedom, think about how you will live life on your own terms.

There is nothing new in Swara’s next film, Jahan Chaar Yaar.

So when a movie is made with a feminist approach, then the approach of the story should be such that those women who are your target audience, when they walk out after seeing that movie, they learn something. Let’s just say the movie is made to entertain, so how dare you call its promotion a revolution for women? You say that you are trying to sell the plight of women and nothing more.

Where in a scene from Chaar Yaar, an actress from the movie stands loudly on top of the mountain and says ‘mother…’. This is your empowerment. Movie director or Fake Feminist Swara Bhaskar may feel that by abusing this she has revolutionized because she has nothing to do with reality. He leaves the city girls and goes to town. You have no idea in what voice and how much abuse the women of the town give in his anger. They don’t need to go to the mountains or Goa just to say ‘mother…’. OK no.

Well, it is true that still not all women have the freedom to live as they wish. If you can eat, use it, leave Goa, then your in-laws can’t even go to your maternal uncle. If you want to buy something, you have to beg a hundred times in front of the husband, still it is not necessary to get what you want. In the name of roaming, the husband screams as if someone has stepped on the scorpion’s tail.

Questioning the husband about sex means showing lack of character for oneself. All this and many more problems, but the solution to all this is not to go to Goa, drink alcohol, abuse at all. For those women who face all this in life, it is more important that they are self-sufficient, earn two dollars, stand up for themselves. What you show in the movie has nothing to do with reality, so please promote it by saying that it is made for entertainment only.

Now that you’ve made the movie for entertainment, there should be entertainment after viewing the audience. Neither the story nor the treatment will be new to the movie, so why would anyone watch his movie? Then say there is a boycott going on. Hey boss, first correct your mistake.

Work on the story, the script, the acting, the editing, then if the movie flops, say the movie flops because of cancel culture. Otherwise make a shit movie for the rest of your life, bury your fleet and the industry too. Then there are people like Arjun Kapoor who threaten the audience itself, then people like Anurag Kashyap call the audience a beggar.

Now such work will continue for a short time. I do not see any film of this type in the coming months, which will be a success. Brahmasatra will also fail because he seems to me to be a copy of the Hollywood superhero. Then everyone will sit and cry that kar diya re boycott!

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