Jammu Kashmir: Another major infiltration attempt in Kashmir; Army with ‘surgical strike’ in Uri sector: Encounter in Jammu Kashmir’s uri sector when army said they are fighting the biggest infiltration attempt in loc in recent years


  • The confrontation continues in Uri
  • Internet disconnected instead
  • A soldier is wounded

Srinagar: The Army continues its efforts to thwart the largest incursion along the Line of Control (LoC) in recent years. On Saturday night, the army received information that terrorists were infiltrating the Line of Control in the Uri sector. The army said it had destroyed several terrorist bases in the area and carried out surgical strikes at various points along the Line of Control.

Fighting continues in the region for the second day in a row. Internet and mobile network services have been suspended since Monday due to the situation in the Uri sector in northern Kashmir.

“Operation Uri has been underway for the past 24 hours. We believe there has been an infiltration attempt here. It is unclear if the terrorists are currently on the other side of the border or if they have surrendered and returned.” Said the senior military officer.

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In 2016, 19 Indian soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack in the region. It should be noted that the new infiltration attempt took place on the anniversary of the September 18 attack. NDTV cited military sources as saying that six militants had arrived from Pakistan and one soldier was injured in the clash. The terrorists’ launch pads were smashed, military sources in Delhi said.

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Authorities said efforts to expel the militants were ongoing and it was unclear what the current situation was at the site. This is the first time in Kashmir that mobile services and the Internet have been banned to prevent terrorists from infiltrating the border. This is the second border infiltration since the India-Pakistan ceasefire was agreed in February. Military sources said there had been no provocation by Pakistan since the ceasefire agreement.

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“There have been no violations of the ceasefire so far this year. We are willing to deal with any kind of provocation. But frankly, there has yet to be any provocation from across the border.” Lt. Gen. DP Pandey, the officer in charge of the 15th Corps, said.

The military says infiltration is less this year than in previous years. However, they said that efforts were being made to combat infiltration in the Uri sector. The move comes amid fears that infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir could escalate as the Taliban seize power in Afghanistan.

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