jarvo 69: Despite the ban, there is no escape, Jarvo replaces Umesh with Panther; Huge security breach at the Oval !! – india vs england: pitch invader jarvo 69 re-enters the oval


  • Jarvo interrupted the game in the Oval
  • This fan was banned in Leeds
  • Criticism of the security system

London: Daniel Jarvis, also known as Jarvo 69, is back on the field to interrupt the game. Jarvo was sanctioned for interrupting the Leeds test. But even at the Oval, this fan has once again caught the attention of security guards. The incident occurred at 34 minutes while England were batting.

As Indian pacemaker Umesh Yadav prepared for the race, another man wearing an Indian jersey escaped. After reaching the field, the English batter ran towards the panther. The batter, who was on the non-strike side, was also hit and security personnel fled.

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The Indian referees and players were amazed. This is the third time he takes the field in the series against England. Once upon a time, when India was hitting, they came up with a way to replace Virat Kohli. He was wearing a pad and a helmet. On another occasion, Jarvo’s arrival made the Indian players laugh.

The fan, who interrupted the field in Leeds, has been sent off for life. However, Jarvo has reached the Oval without problems. It is considered a major security breach to constantly disrupt the competition. The match had to stop for about five minutes.

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Covid adheres to the standards and brings spectators to matches. However, these security breaches have also angered fans. There is the possibility of further action against Jarvo. Jarvo, meanwhile, entered against England after being suspended in Leeds. Jarvo had said that he was a fan of the Indian team and that he would support India at the World Cup.

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The video of Jarvo interrupting the match has gone viral on social media.

Watch the video:

The English Cricket Board is sure to again take a tough stance against this fan.

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