Jaspreet Bumra’s Record of Shame; It’s not about bowling, it’s about hitting!


  • Jaspreet Bumra failed
  • The Indian batsman hit pitifully
  • Bumra was out of zero in both innings

Who is the worst Indian batsman to reach the final of the World Test Champions Trophy? I must say that Jaspreet Bumra was the answer. In New Zealand’s early innings, every other bowler on the Indian team took wickets, but Boomera, who threw the most overs, was unable to take a single wicket. He conceded 56 runs in 26 overs.

When the Indian batsman lost both innings of the innings, it was Bumra who became the villain. Both times it was Bumra Dhaka. Bumra is the 1000th Indian to be fired for zero in the tests. Bumra came in at 999. Bumra’s embarrassment didn’t end there.

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Bumrah also holds the record for most embarrassments currently taking place at the World Trials Championship. Before the start of the final, Bumra crouched down 4 times. Now with two doubles, it’s 6. Bumra outplayed the top seven players with 5 ducks.

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