Jee Le Zaraa movie: Every girl’s dil ki baat that stays in her heart

Jaa Simran Jaa, live your life … No need to say how Simran jumps up and gets happy after hearing this. Simran obtained his father’s permission to live his life. But, if this Simran wants to live life of his own free will, then how many difficulties will he have to face? ‘Jee Le Zara’ is a new movie, which is being produced by Zoya Akhtar. The film is said to be a sequel to ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’, in which three boys have toured Europe to enjoy their single life. In the movie Jee Le Zara, three girls will be seen having fun in the same way. Now let’s leave the matter of this movie alone. And let’s get back to the real problem. Yes, it is true that like boys, girls also want to tour or travel alone. But it is not easy for them to do it as children. If a girl talks about going on a trip with her friend, then guess what the reaction of the family members is to the neighbors.

Yes, it will be clear that what can happen on a girls trip?

By the way, what do you have to say about road trips for girls? Is it that easy for three different girls to take a road trip together? By the way, Farhan Akhtar has already told in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ what is the problem when the boys go on a trip. Well, boys still relax together even after being abused, but only girls can tell what happens to girls.

By the way, this time Farhan Akhtar brings us the story of three girls’ road trip. The trio of Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt will be seen in the movie ‘Jee Le Zara’. All three have their personalities and the good thing is that all three are completely different from each other. It’s also happening that Priyanka had talked to Alia and Katrina Kaif that the three of us should work on this movie.

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In this movie, you will understand what the problem is when three girls go on a trip together. For the moment, we have brought you some glimpses of what are the things that remain in girls’ hearts, that remain in their hearts.

The plan remains only in mind

The biggest problem for girls is that their travel plan is still just a plan. They just talk and for some reason or another their plans keep getting postponed. Just keep telling yourself that friends are going somewhere and this is the way the whole year goes by. Now it’s a bit easy for three or four girls to get together and go somewhere. They also have to prepare a lot before going anywhere. And the guys, they picked up the bag that came to mind and left.

what to take on the trip

If girls have to go somewhere, the first thing that comes to mind is what day they will wear. It means different on the road, different when walking, different when walking, different when sleeping. Wait now, there’s makeup too. Why should girls go to any corner of the world, their makeup goes with them and it takes 4-5 pairs of shoes together? Girls want everything to be perfect.

What to do if you are concerned about safety

The first priority for girls is their safety. First, family members will ask who they are going with. Is there a man with you? When I spoke to the girls, they told me that for the girls to go on a road trip, some boy had to be with them. Girls can’t take a road trip on their own quickly. Where will they go, where will they stop, they have to tell the whole map to someone or the other. Girls even have to share their location live. If the car is damaged by mistake somewhere in the night, then that is a different problem.

problems with the bathroom

The biggest problem girls face on road trips is the bathroom. Hardly anyone has thought about this, but sometimes girls have to monitor their urine for several hours. Which is dangerous for your health. Dhabas toilets or restaurants are dirty too. Girls don’t want to go to the dirty bathroom. If there is a period from above, then there is a problem. There is no such problem with children. It is strange but it is true.

It is impossible for girls to escape the cold war.

Where 3-4 girls are together, there is likely to be a rift. Suppose two girls get along more well with each other, then this may seem bad to the third girl. Girls are sensitive and feel bad about little things very quickly. If someone doesn’t like dirt, then someone has to sleep with the lights off. This means saying that the tantrums are too many. You won’t even fight openly and sit in your heart feeling bad. On the contrary, the guys will fight each other to the fullest and then forget about all the fights and fight the gossip.

boyfriends become problems

As soon as the girls talk about dating their friends, her boyfriend’s ears perch. They want to keep information especially on the phone itself. Calling every half hour baby where you at? A girl gets on the phone and in such a situation, the mood of the other two girls is spoiled.

Girls cannot adapt quickly to each other

Just as boys mix easily with each other, girls cannot adapt quickly. Boys share clothes very comfortably, but girls are very demanding in this matter. She thinks 100 times before giving her clothes away even to her best friend. Along with this, the girls are also good friends, but they also have competition with each other in mind. Although there is also a lot of love in them.

These things must have been understood that what can be the problem in the girls trip? This is just a trailer. With ‘Jee Le Zara’, everything will be clear that what can happen on the girls’ journey? Despite this, the girls keep trying to undertake the journey, not even knowing when it will be a success. Sometimes the desire of this heart remains in the heart. Everyone knows how difficult it was for the girls to go on a trip and how easy it was for the boys …

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