Jhansi Web Series Review: The story of ‘Jhansi’ is full of action and excitement!

Cinema is a very popular entertainment medium all over the world. The profound impact of cinema on society is visible. That is why cinema is called the mirror of society. The cinema teaches society. It brings to light the deep problems of society in front of everyone. Movies have also been made about many serious illnesses along with all the social issues like crime, superstition, corruption, domestic violence and politics. The names of ‘Ghajini’, ‘Anand’, ‘Hichki’, ‘Piku’, ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘My Name is Khan’ and ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’ rank high in the list of movies made about diseases. In this episode, a new web series ‘Jhansi’ was broadcast on Disney Plus Hotstar, which is based on a disease called amnesia.

The web series ‘Jhansi’ made under the banner of Tribal Horse Entertainment is directed by Thiru Krishnamurthy. In this Telugu cinema actors like Anjali, Adarsh ​​Balakrishna, Chandini Choudhary, Raj Arun and Sanyuktha Hornadi have important roles. This action-thriller web series was originally produced in the Telugu language but has been dubbed and released in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali languages. Actress Anjali, who mainly works for Telugu and Tamil cinema, makes her OTT debut through this web series. She has done a wonderful job in the character of a woman who suffers from a disease like amnesia. A new OTT star has been found in the form of her.

History of the Jhansi web series

The story of the web series ‘Jhansi’ is based on the life of Mahita/Jhansi (Anjali). Mahita is a police officer. She travels with her son in a jeep. A dense forest comes in the way, where some people attack him. Putting the child in one place, she bravely fights against enemies. She sleeps many criminals to death, but a bully pushes her and throws her into the waterfall. As she flows into the water, she leaves. Along the way, some townspeople see him and take him out. She starts asking about him. But it turns out that the memory of him has been lost. She has forgotten all about his past life.

“The greatest punishment in anyone’s life is that they are not made to digest their identity”… This dialogue in the series narrates the pain of Mahita, who now begins to live with a new name and identity. Her name stays Jhansi. Jhansi begins to live among new people. Meanwhile, Meha, the emperor’s daughter (Adarsh ​​Balakrishna), who came to Kerala from Hyderabad, is narrowly saved from an accident. Credit for this goes to Jhansi. When the emperor finds out about Jhansi, he takes him to Hyderabad. There, under the supervision of the Emperor’s uncle, who is a doctor, Jhansi receives treatment. Here Jhansi and Mahi establish a strong bond between them. Jhansi loves Mahi.

In this way a mother-daughter relationship is formed between Jhansi and Mahi. The emperor is very happy to see this. He falls in love with Jhansi. The three lived in a family. In such a situation, the emperor wants to marry Jhansi and make a wife, but she is not ready for it. There is a strange situation in her life. Sometimes it becomes zero. She tries to remember her old life and identity, whose blurred image she sometimes sees. “If a bad dream comes, then we don’t remember the faces, only the filler is remembered, she is also going through the same phase right now”… This dialogue tells the real situation of Jhansi. Will Jhansi be able to remember her old life? Will he be able to take revenge on his enemies, for whom this has happened to him? To know the answers to all these questions, you have to watch the web series.

Jhansi web series review

Indian cinema has benefited a lot for some time due to the advent of female-oriented movies and web series. ‘Jhansi’ works to carry on the same tradition. It features the presence of Telugu actress Anjali as a surprise package. Anjali, who has been working at South Cinema for a long time, has worked for OTT for the first time. This is the first web series from her, which has been released simultaneously in many languages ​​including Hindi. She has surprised everyone with the great performance of her. In addition to revealing the humble nature of a woman suffering from a disease like amnesia, the action avatar of her is also seen. There are tremendous action sequences in the series, in which Anjali has given her life.

Children’s artist Chandini Chaudhary has also done a great job on the character of Barbie, a very cute and charming little girl. She may have had comparatively less screen space in the character of a beautiful girl who loves Jhansi’s heart, but whatever she has, she has filled it. Perhaps her character will be expanded in the next season of the series. Adarsh ​​Balkrishna is also good in the role of Samrat. After the death of his first wife, his innocence is seen in the search for a mother for his little girl. He is good both in the form of a father and a lover. Apart from these, Raj Arun and Sanyukta Hornadi have also done justice to their respective characters.

Action and emotion have been presented in a very balanced way in this web series. For that, series director Thiru Krishnamurthy deserves congratulations. This is the first Pan India Telugu project for Thiru, who started her career with the Tamil film Thiradha Vilayattu Pillai in 2010, in which she has proven successful. The first season of the series has six episodes: Glitch, Man from the Past, The Dark Box, Other Murder, The Vigilant and Billu Club. The excitement continues from the first to the last episode. There was room for a bit of a script, if it had been worked on then it could hold its own in the category of best web series. Overall, a good series worth watching.

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