Jhanvi Kapoor’s Goodluck Jerry also came with Ek Villain Returns, what are people saying about the movie?

This week, the premiere of South Pan India’s Vikrant Rona, the action thriller Ek Villain Returns, along with another Bollywood movie, ‘Goodluck Jerry’, also premiered. But Goodluck Jerry didn’t see as much fuss as the other two movies. In fact, the other two films were released in theaters, while Goodluck Jerry was streamed directly on the Disney Plus Hotstar OTT platform. The film is actually an official remake of the 2018 Tamil film Kolamavu Kokila.

Goodluck Jerry is directed by Siddharth Sen Gupta. While other actors like Jhanvi Kapoor, Deepak Dobriyal, Meeta Vashisht, Neeraj Sood, Sushant Singh, and Sahil Mehta have major roles. Discussions about Goodluck Jerry may not be visible, but the audience and critics who see it are praising the film. The story of a girl who is forced into the world of crime due to her mother’s illness and a dilapidated house is told in a fascinating way. People also liked the way the story was presented in an interesting comic style and thought this movie was not boring at all.

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Is Goodluck Jerry’s Story Worth Watching?

Siddharth Sen Gupta is being praised on User Critics for the fact that he has wonderfully presented a major drug dealer story in an interesting way without the use of chili masala. Along with the story and the script, the best performance of the actors has also come out of the film. Jhanvi Kapoor in the lead role of Jerry and Deepak Dobriyal in the role of Rinku are said to be the life of the film. Apart from this, you can also appreciate the work of Mita Vashisht and some other artists.

Jhanvi Kapoor has played the lead role in Goodluck Jerry.

Jhanvi’s character in Goodluck Jerry is that of a girl whose father has died in an accident. She has a mother and a younger sister at home. The girl’s family background is from Bihar who is trying to make a living through small business in Punjab. Jerry also works in a massage parlor aside from her mother’s wish. Due to the costly treatment of her mother’s illness and a few other reasons, Jerry’s life reaches a point that she had not imagined. Jhanvi has successfully tried to convey all of her emotions in the form of Jerry.

Praise for Jhanvi’s act, Deepak’s work is told the life of the film.

People assumed that the character of Jerry is comical, innocent, mischievous and sentimental. It is proving from the movie that Jhanvi Kapoor picks up the nuances of acting very quickly according to the character’s need. She is seen in excellent shape in the film. While Deepak Dobriyal is also seen adapting all the craziness of him according to the character. This film can be counted among the best works of his career.

However, the number of people who oppose the film is also not less. Some protest just the fact that Jhanvi Kapoor was cast in the lead role, which is actually a result of Bollywood’s efforts to promote nepotism. Although many have described it as an average movie. One user wrote in his IMDb review that this movie turns out to be a bad lock for Jhanvi. He tried a lot but was unsuccessful. South’s story hasn’t changed much in the new version, but the new Hindi version isn’t as impressive as the original.

Many others criticized Jhanvi’s performance but accepted that Deepak Dobriyal has given his best. There are also many such reactions where Goodluck Jerry’s story has been described as confusing. People said that it is good for Bollywood that this movie is released directly in OTT instead of in theaters, otherwise, in case of theatrical release, the film could hardly generate a collection of one crore of rupees.

You can watch the trailer for Goodluck Jerry below:

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