Jhund Nagraj’s first big movie, compared to Sairat at the box office, how much did he earn?

The biographical sports drama Jhund is Nagraj Manjule’s first major film. First Hindi movie too. Until now, Manjule has been making movies only in Marathi. Manjule is considered one of the vocal directors. Caste discrimination has figured prominently in his film stories. From Pistulya to Jhund, Manjule has always seen himself as standing on the ideological ground. However, despite making original films, Manjule used to have a large audience in theaters. But in front of the herd ticket window, the view was not visible, which was common during Sairat’s time.

Manjule’s group has been highly praised in reviews. Critics often rated the film more than 3 points. Even the reactions of the public who have seen the film so far also show Manjule’s work as a group. The film, based on the life of Vijay Borse, the founder of slum soccer in Nagpur, was released on March 4. The film made a business of Rs 1.50 crore on the first day at the box office. The film’s gross increased on the second day and stood at 2.10 crore. Jhund made a trade of Rs 3.60 crore on the third day.

No loss in herd earnings, but visible was better than expected

That is, a total turnover of Rs 7.20 crore. Consequently, earning 15 million rupees for the film in the first week is also difficult. Although the gross of the film made with a budget of around Rs 22 million so far cannot be described as bad. Nor can it be said that profits are indicative of losses for manufacturers. But when comparing the film to Manjule’s own Sairat, the commercial reviews will be deemed lacking in expectations. Jhund’s business disappoints even compared to the commercial South movies that have come in recent years regarding the caste question.

The budget of ‘Sairat’, a teenage love story depicting honor killings in a region of Maharashtra, was only around Rs 4 crore. The Marathi-language romantic drama surprised everyone by making over Rs 100 crore at the box office. Sairat had earned Rs 41.11 crore in the first 10 days. In this too the first week’s share was 25.50 crore. Now, in the first week, compared to Sairat’s Rs 25.50 crore, Jhund’s profit (will remain below Rs 15 crore) is much less. While the interesting aspect is also that Sairat was in Marathi. It only got Marathi audience in theaters. Sairat’s hype prior to its release was negligible. The film’s all-star cast was also not such that you have to believe that the audience was broken because of them. Manjule was also a household name, but he cannot be called a director who draws the crowd from the audience. A director whose film is expected to earn 100 million rupees.

What is the difference between Jhund and Sairat’s box office?

The Hindi movie business continues to dominate Maharashtra’s movie theaters. Most of the Hindi movie business comes from here. Sairat overcame all obstacles and made records thanks to word of mouth. If we look at South’s commercial film business over the past few years compared to Jhund’s, then Manjule’s film collection also seems very average in that regard. Kala and Kabali of Rajinikanth also talk about caste issue in popular stream. The earnings of the Hindi version of these movies are historic. It is also interesting that the movies did the most business on the Mumbai circuit itself.

Where did the pack suffer and where did Sairat win?

On the other hand, the pack’s scale was much larger than Sairat’s. The film is in discussion from day one. Having Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role was a huge plus point. Currently, 100 percent audience capacity is allowed in cinemas in 14 districts in and around Mumbai. Being in Hindi, Jhund is reaching a wider audience outside of Maharashtra with a single release. The story of the film is as inspiring as the local history of Maharashtra. Despite this, not all things seem to attract the audience.

Incidentally, a large part of the herd’s total Rs 7.20 crore business comes from the Mumbai circuit. The collection of the film in the Hindi regions is very disappointing. The film was praised by critics and the business was expected to be much better than other things that were seen in favor of the project. Somewhere there is a slack in the distribution of the film. Sairat may have been in Marathi but his screening went well. The film was shot in major cities of Maharashtra. Sairat got the benefit of word of mouth after its release. If there is a herd, then the history of Maharashtra itself, but in different areas of Maharashtra itself, many people are heard complaining that there are no movies in their city or town. In Vidarbha, some people have posted on social media that there is no screening of the film in Nagpur and some adjoining districts. It can be believed that in the area where the maximum business could be extracted, this one thing weakened Manjule’s film.

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