Joe Biden Hookup In Mumbai: ‘OK, There Was A Marriage’; US President Joe Biden responds on India connection in meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi


  • Indian relations of the American president.
  • Joe Biden responds to Modi’s comments.
  • Biden says there may be contacts in Mumbai.

Washington: US President Joe Biden’s relationship with India has been in the news since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States. During a meeting at the White House, Modi said that five members of the Biden family were in India and that they had brought their documents.

The latest report is that Joe Biden does not completely dismiss the statement by the Indian prime minister that there are members of the Biden family in India. The president of the United States has said that his fifth generation grandfather, George Biden, was married to an Indian woman, and that these may be the Indian roots of the Biden family. He added that his grandfather is believed to have come to India through the East India Company.

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Joe Biden said he knew that his grandfather was married to an Indian woman. I was only 28 when I received the letter, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s general secretary.

The letter contained the last name Biden, but no further questions were asked about the letter. But his grandfather, George Biden, came to India and found out that he had worked as a captain in the East India Tea Company. Joe Biden said he was married to an Indian woman, but couldn’t find all the details. He added that when he arrived in Mumbai in 2013 during his tenure as vice president of the United States, questions arose about his connection to India.

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During the meeting, Modi told Biden that documents about Bidens had been brought in from India and could be verified. Although the Indian prime minister’s words were thought to be a joke, the president of the United States wondered if the documents were actually brought in when Modi described things more credibly.

The Prime Minister of India had said yesterday that Biden’s leadership was important in shaping this decade. Joe Biden said that cooperation between the two countries could help meet international challenges. The American people, who number about four million, are strengthening America every day. US cooperation with India will be further strengthened. Gandhiji’s message of non-violence is relevant today. As early as 2006, when he was vice president, he had said that India and the United States would be the closest countries by 2020. Biden said that the Indo-Pacific region would be free and safe.

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