Jogi: A story of friendship, fellowship and hope in the difficult times of Chaurasi!

Every time those miserable days of Chaurasi are remembered, it is painful and constant for a particular political party. Every time eighty-four is mentioned, one worries about possible loss. Not many movies or content have been made based on Chaurasi’s background. The ones that have been made or have come out assertively have come only in the last eight years, because since then only compatibility has happened. Whenever a composition is based on real events. Prejudice or agenda often prevails. But Ali Abbas Zafar has made ‘Jogi’ with a good intention and focused on those who survive this pre-planned accidental massacre. Zinda Bhagya Bharosa or Ram Bharosa did not stay, but many stories of friendship, fellowship and hope like ‘Jogi’ were real in that miserable hour. Zafar has presented a real document of the bitter truth of three frightening days without any exaggeration and in the same document he has given a moving and romantically hopeful and emotionally beautiful story of Sikh, Hindu and Muslim.

The recently released film Jogi narrates very well the pain inflicted on the Sikhs.

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If only ! There would have been no eighty-four, there would have been no Godhra, there would have been no massacre of Kashmiri Pandits; But it happened. If we go to the reasons, then politics is common, which at every difficult moment creates animosity between people, breaks mutual trust, and then hopes die, passion fades. Leaders cannot be dared to teach, to tell, they can only let good sense precede. In today’s time, there was also a need for a movie like ‘Jogi’ to come, so we can say that the timing is right, the story is right, and the storytellers have said it in the right way.

The story of Ali Abbas is wonderful in that the life of the emotional story of friendship, fellowship, love and hope is only three days, the story ends and at the same time the misery of those three days of massacre also ends, hope arises that to be uprooted and to be on your feet again is destiny. The duration of the film is only one hour and 56 minutes, but there is not a single moment of feeling that some emotional moment has been captured in a hurry, this is what connects the viewers tremendously. And Zafar has taken on that role in many movies, it’s commendable.

All the scenes are very well written and all the actors have played the emotional scenes on screen excellently. Diljit Dosanjh could hardly have given a better performance than this. He highlights Jogi’s helplessness, helplessness and pain very well, Jogi does not disappear from the screen and Diljit lives Jogi’s character every moment. Amyra Dastur looks no less cute in the character of cute Kamali from Jogi.

Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub’s part of the dialogue was shortened, so he acted with his eyes. He has become Jogi’s police friend, who is willing to help his Sikh friend, his family and the town out of the dilemma of order from above. Hiten Tejwani in the role of another friend foe has managed to project himself as a mystery. Paresh Pahuja once again manages to open his performance box.

And, after a long time, Kumud Mishra also has a character where he is not seen as Kumud Mishra, but as the hateful politician Tejpal. The film’s cinematography, anthology, and art direction are also above average. Good entertainment this weekend sitting at home. One more thing, the movie was only released on OTT, the creator made a good decision. He knew that a period drama based on true events without prejudice and without an agenda could not do much in theaters. Yes, Zafar could have followed ‘The Kashmir Files’ if he wanted to, he has the ability. But he did not adopt that pattern, it is his agenda.

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