Just like Liger, Brahmastra will also fail and it won’t, there are reasons behind it!

The movie Liger is a flop. It has nothing to do with the boycott. If the story is rotten, not even the movie can give anyone’s father a hit. And Brahmastra will also fail because there is nothing new in his story, from above the film has aged as soon as it was made. After a long time the flop will come on Alia Bhatt’s account, Kapoor Saheb is the emperor of the flop. They don’t care. Well, I’m not writing this out of the blue. There is a movie on Netflix, Hit: The First Case, by Rajkummar Rao. No one suggested or showed their promotion. I suddenly saw this movie while surfing last night. When Rajkumar Rao was there, he played games and then watched a movie for about two hours in one sitting. I don’t know if the movie was released in theaters or not. Yes, if you like suspense then this is a good movie from Hindi point of view to watch.

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Brahmastra will be released in the next few days, and as it stands, it too is bound to fail.

This movie is the best of all the Hindi movies that came and failed behind these facts. Watch this movie. There is momentum in this movie. The ending could have been better, but this movie is worth watching. The existence of Rajkummar Rao is still believable that his film will be good. And look at one thing, now Bollywood people have to understand that brother is giving all the movies or seats that are made in the world to the Indian audience because of the OTT platform, so he will not only see the emptiness, won’t even compare. .

So when there are good movies and series available on the online platform, why would anyone go to the movie theater to see the same fights and songs? tell me it’s you One more thing I would like to mention is that there was a clip circulating on Twitter in the past, where someone was telling how in a Bollywood movie Hindus were shown in the wrong light only under propaganda. Just like in Dabangg, Chhedi Singh worships Hanuman ji before killing someone.

In Mother India, Lala is chanting a mantra before attempting rape. That gentleman gave many such examples and somewhere I agree that Bollywood has been very closely mocking Hinduism, deities and Hindi speakers. Now that people have started to boycott, people have also started to notice other things.

Now you will not be able to sell your film to Hindus just by insulting Hindus. Time is changing, change your approach too, otherwise the day is not far off when the doors of Bollywood stars will be hung. Bring something good and new, then the audience will adopt you. The rest of my happiness is with Brahmastra. The movie will flop. Come let’s watch the HIT movie if you want then a new episode of House Of Dragon has come watch it. I bet it will be fun!

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