Kamra considers Hindus only those who call Godse Murdabad, after the show’s cancellation, the ‘Hindutva’ raga began

Kunal Kamra, known for making fun of the BJP and the Sangh, is back in the news. Actually, this month, on September 17 and 18, a comedy show was going to be held in Haryana. However, his show has been canceled due to opposition from organizations such as Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. The show was to take place in a studio at Gurugram. Kamra’s anger is in seventh heaven after the show is cancelled. Describing himself as the ‘best’ Hindu, he claimed that Godse, who does not sing ‘Murdabad’, is anti-Hindu and a terrorist in his eyes. Through an open letter written in Hindi, Kamra criticized the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and said that it does not represent the world’s Hindus.

Kamra wrote in the letter, calling the Vishwa Hindu Parishad ‘Hindu Parishad’: “I didn’t name the world after you because I don’t think the Hindus of this world have given you the contract of their religion. You have. Come on, then no matter. You got my show canceled in Gurgaon for threatening the club owner. What am I to blame for that poor man? He has to do business, how will he tangle with thugs? He won’t go to the police. He will go to the police Even then , the police will come to you just to make a request.”

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Kunal Kamra.

Kamra’s Hindu test, the stand-up comedian defeated VHP this way

“In general, now the system is yours. But when have I done what you say to insult the Hindu culture? If there is any such clip or program, please show me too. I’m a government mascot, then you may feel bad .Where did the Hindu come from in this? I do not consider it necessary to give any proof of the relationship between God and me. But still I take your proof by giving a proof. Loudly and proudly I say Jai Shri Sita Ram and Jai Radha Krishna. Now if you are really a boy from India then send Godse as Murdabad. Otherwise I will think you are anti-Hindu and supporter of terror. Somewhere you call Godse as God. So don’t you agree?

“If you think so, keep canceling my shows in the future too. I’ll be glad I won proof that you’re more Hindu than you. I’ll do anything I’ll eat my hard-earned bread because I feel like being a bigger Hindu than you , it is a sin to eat pieces by intimidating someone. Kamra’s anger rises upon seeing the show cancelled. Earlier, he had also retweeted Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s letter about the show and responded in very sharp language. However, on social media you see a lot of people for and against Kamra. Many people said that there are more government organizations, but Kamra’s target has always been Hindu organizations. Kamra never asked questions about terrorist organizations like PFI or SIMI. Even if he was asked One question, I had to delete your tweet.

VHP’s witty apology for Kamra’s ‘ghar wapsi’

Some people said that it was finally decided from the letter that terrorist organizations like PFI, which Godse Murdabad says, are definitely the ideal children of India in the eyes of Kamra. Many expressed their happiness that, at least after the show’s cancellation, Kunal Kamra started a Hindu raga by going vocal for the first time. He remembered that he too was a Hindu after all. In a mocking way, he too was seen to many people asking the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, ‘Buddhu has come home’, that he should be forgiven. How will his livelihood work? By the way, the number of people praising Kamra’s answer is also not less. There are many reactions to Kamra’s response, in which his response is described as bold. However, many people claim that Kamra is a politician rather than a comedian and deliberately drives the agenda.

As far as the cancellation of Kamra’s show is concerned, this is not a new incident. Last year, one of his shows in Bangalore was also cancelled, after which, in a series of comments, the comedian accused the government of harassment. Referring to Munawwar Farooqui, he had also said that at least in terms of harassment, this government maintains equality. As for Kunal Kamra being secular, there have been dozens of such occasions, he tweeted about religions other than Hindus or political parties other than BJP, but deleted the tweets after religio-political objections. If you want you can read her contradictory stance on Islam, Mamata Banerjee, Hijab etc. by clicking here.

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